Turn Shower into Sauna [Easy Hacks!]

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Introduction of Turn Your Shower Into a Sauna

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have a sauna at home? Going to health spas or gyms for a sauna can be a satisfying experience but it’s often limited to an occasional experience. Now, imagine having access to this luxury in the comfort of your own home. Taking this step further, with a bit of imagination, it’s entirely possible to bring to life the benefits of a spa within the confines of your own bathroom. This guide will walk you through the process of transforming your everyday shower into not just a steam room, but a sauna. It’s not a permanent solution, but it can temporarily turn your space into a relaxing retreat.

I’ve tried this myself and it’s easier than you might think. With a few adjustments and some know-how, you can create a sauna-like experience right at home. It’s amazing how a simple shower can become a source of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Let’s get started on how you can make this a reality.

How to Easily Convert Your Bathroom into a Sauna

Turn Shower into Sauna [Easy Hacks!]
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To convert your bathroom into a sauna, you don’t need a professional kit or face additional expenses. Saunas are enclosed spaces that heat up to high temperatures between 180 °F and 195 °F. They can use wet heat or dry heat to provide heat therapy sessions. This has many health benefits like pain relief and improved blood circulation. If you’re vying for a temporary sauna in your home, there are simple steps to follow. You can make your shower a pleasant steam room easily.

Pick a Room

For the best possible experience, choose the smallest bathroom in your home for a temporary setup. A smaller room will heat up faster and keep the heat more concentrated for effective heat therapy. Make sure there is good ventilation to prevent build-up of steam and risk of mold growth. Proper ventilation during your sauna session will alleviate this concern.

Seal the Room

To keep the heat from escaping and prevent outside draft from entering, pack heavy towels into crevices around your bathroom. Drape towels over windows and any open vents. Cover all holes and gaps to ensure the steam stays in this enclosed space.

Heat Up the Room

First, turn up the temperature on your water heater to about 150°F for good steam. When your bathroom is all set to be a temporary sauna, you just need to turn on the water in the tub. Block the drain and let hot water run to fill the tub halfway. Do this for about 20 minutes. Then, to enhance the experience, light up some scented candles and add a few drops of essential oil to the water.
Sit Back and Relax

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After the steam fills the room, pick a safe spot far from the hot water and settle down. You have succeeded in recreating a sauna at home. If the room is heated up sufficiently and you’ve reached your heat tolerance level, turn down the water. It’s helpful to place a bucket filled with cool water and a towel near you during your sauna session. If at any instance you’re feeling uncomfortable, wet the towel in cool water and pat yourself down

How to Convert Your Shower into a Sauna?

It might seem like a difficult task to convert your regular shower into a sauna, but it can be done right. The conversion process can be complete in two days if your chosen bathroom can meet the specifications for the best possible outcome. The requirement for converting includes having an enclosed space eight feet high with a sloped ceiling to alleviate the risk of mold. An insulated coat of mold-resistant paint is a good idea. You might opt to upgrade your current shower to a steam shower or sauna. The installation cost could be around $12,000, or you could purchase a prefabricated kit that ranges from $3,000 to $4,500. This is what you need to consider if you decide to complete conversion.

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Buy a Steam Generator

First, measure your bathroom layout and estimate how much you will use your sauna. Then, make a purchase of a steam generator. This device will heat up water and convert it to steam for sauna use. Depending on the unit, it can be placed outside the shower wall but waterproof ones can go inside the stall. It needs a connection to a water line and electricity. A plumber and an electrician might be involved if you’re not equipped to handle the installation.

Setup the Connection

To begin the installation process, make sure you’ve turned off both the water and electricity supply. Create an access line for water to travel from the generator and pass through to the shower. Then, connect it to the appropriate electrical wiring. Set up your unit with a control panel. Some units might feature wireless controls, while others might need a physical control panel.

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Modifications and Test Run

After installation is done, create a vent panel on the outside or modify the bathroom door to fit a vent. A gap under the door can also act as a vent and save on modifications. Run the steam generator and seal up any gaps with caulk. Let it dry completely for a nice, dry time. Then, do a test run of the unit. Place a wooden bench in the bathroom, sit down, and enjoy the steamy environment. Make sure to position the bench for full benefit of the heat.


Turning your shower into a sauna brings many perks. A hot shower can ease muscle tension and ward off a cold chill, letting you slip into a state of relaxation. Whether you sit or stand, the water creates soothing, moisture-rich steam like a warm blanket. For skin care, steam therapy opens pores for easy cleaning, eliminates toxins, and stimulates blood flow. With regular use, the long-term benefits of steam sessions go beyond your normal skincare routine, helping to slough off dead skin cells and impurities for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

In terms of water weight loss, a steam room can help shed pounds. It’s not fat loss but can eliminate water weight and bloating. Remember to hydrate adequately to avoid headaches, weakness, or excessive dehydration. For sinus care, especially during cold, dry winter months, steam can soothe nasal passages, open up sinuses, and treat colds and allergies. A daily steam session might prevent recurrences.

Steam is a powerful, all-natural remedy for daily aches and pains. Enjoy steamy showers year-round, after hard workouts, or to warm up on cold, wintery days. For normal, healthy individuals, 15-20 minute sessions are enough to relax and get the most out of your shower. If you have health conditions already, talk to your doctor before using a steam shower. It could make some heart or breathing problems worse.

The Takeaway

To economize on occasional spa visits, set up regular sauna sessions at home. With a few tweaks and adaptations, you can convert your bathroom into a sauna temporarily. No need for complex conversion or high installation costs. Just design the area, plan to convert, and think about the number of people it can accommodate. The entire process is worth it, right within your four walls.

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Can you use your shower as a sauna?

Yes, for normal showering, keep an operable transom cracked or fully open to dissipate steam. Gently push glass in line with shower walls to transition the space into a fully enclosed steam room. Turn your bathroom into an at-home spa and enjoy. You just need a few minutes for peaceful, steamy relaxation.

How can I make my shower more like a sauna?

For a similar effect at home, make sure the bathroom door is closed. Turn on the shower with water as hot as possible. Don’t get into the shower; hot water can scald or dry out your skin. To stop steam from escaping, close windows and plug the space beneath the door with a towel.

Can you turn your shower into a steam room?

Converting a standard shower into a steam shower is possible, but it takes quite a bit of work. A steam generator needs to be added, including plumbing and electrical supplies. The standard shower door should be replaced with a door that seals steam inside.

Can you turn a shower into an infrared sauna?

Infrared technology is designed for showers. The BILBAO system turns almost every shower into an infrared cabin. The infrared element consists of a coated panel frame in an aluminium look with a glass attachment. It’s integrated with an infrared heat source and operated by a touch control panel integrated in the glass attachment.

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