Choosing Sauna Timers: How to Pick the Best One

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Sauna Timers

Spending 15 to 20 minutes in a sauna is generally a good time for most people. However, how long you should stay in a sauna eventually depends on your personal preference and the kind of heat you enjoy. This is where a sauna timer becomes invaluable. It helps you track the time you spend sweating in the heat. While some people prefer the feeling of just being in the sauna, others find timers a nice addition. They not only show your options for session length but also work as decorative pieces, enhancing the sauna experience.

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Recommendations for the best sauna timers

OFFSCH Sauna Timer
Best Sauna Timer

The OFFSCH Sauna Timer is a 15 15-minute sand Timer, making it one of the essential Sauna Accessories. Perfect as a Desk Topper, it features a 2 Minute Sauna Sand Clock with Rotating Sand. This Woody Toy is not only durable for Sauna Room use but also doubles as an elegant Timer. Made from premium material, it ensures durability. The hourglass won’t deform, thanks to its sturdy and practical design, making it lasting for use.

It’s a great present for friends who will be happy with its classic design. Easy to operate, it can be used both as a functional timer and as decor. The craftsmanship of the wooden frame with its smooth surface and beautiful appearance, along with clear calibration, provides convenience and ease to read the 15-minute counting.

Wooden Sauna Clock

Choosing Sauna Timers: How to Pick the Best One
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The Wooden Sauna Clock stands out with its Authentic look and feel, featuring Burned numbers and logo. Its sleek cedar wood design gives it a natural yet sophisticated appearance. This clock is not just a timer; it’s a piece of art that can be used both in a sauna and at home.

Adding functionality to the classic space, the Wooden Sauna Clock blends seamlessly into any sauna environment. Its Specifications include an 8″ Front Diameter and a 9″ Back Diameter. It Runs on just 1 AA battery, making it a convenient and low-maintenance accessory for your sauna experience.

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Red Sauna Sand Timer

Choosing Sauna Timers: How to Pick the Best One

The Red Sauna Sand Timer is a 30 Minutes timer, a common model in the market, known for its simple yet stylish design. This timer isn’t just another clock; it’s a one-of-a-kind look that can assist in tracking your sauna sessions. It helps in determining how long you have entered the sauna.

This unique timer contains a splash of color, making it stand out among other sauna accessories. The Instructions are straightforward: Fix it to the wall in a convenient location and use it to measure the right length of your session, ensuring you avoid colliding with other elements. The timer is fastened at the back, so you can simply watch the sand turn and start your session as the grains fall.

The Specifications include Dimensions of 12 5/8″ by 2 1/8″. It is made of Wood and glass, with the Sand color adding to its aesthetic appeal. This Timer is not only functional but also adds a decorative touch to your sauna.

Sandglass: Sauna Sand 15 Minute Timer

Choosing Sauna Timers: How to Pick the Best One

The Sandglass: Sauna Sand 15 Minute Timer is a traditional model on sale that brings an elegant and straightforward approach to timekeeping in saunas. This unique touch to the usual clock can significantly help track your sauna sessions, showing how long you have entered the heat.

This type of timer, lasting 15 minutes, is perfect for those who like to watch the time pass in a more traditional manner. Its peculiarity lies in the yellow sand, providing a vibrant and appealing visual. The Instructions are simple: Fix it to the wall in a comfortable position to measure the length of your session and avoid any collide with other elements or accessories.

The timer should be attached so you can turn and start the session as the sand begins to fall. Position it at a safe distance of 1 meter from the heater to prevent the glass from getting too hot and potentially burn.

Specifications include Dimensions of 11 3/4″ by 2 3/4″. Made with Wood and glass, and the Sand color is Yellow, making this Timer not just functional but also an aesthetically pleasing addition to any sauna.

Dark Sauna Sand Timer
Best Sauna Timer

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The Dark Sauna Sand Timer is a favorite in the market, known for its attractive and straightforward design. This timer adds a distinctive look to the clock, helping you keep track of your sauna sessions. It lets you easily determine how long your session lasted or went, especially with its set time of 15 minutes.

A key feature is the gorgeous white sand, which adds a touch of elegance to the timer. The Instructions are simple: Mount it on the wall in a convenient location to measure the proper length of your session, ensuring it does not collide with other elements or accessories.

Once set back, you can start your session and watch the sand fall. Ensure it’s placed at a safe distance of a meter away from the heater to avoid making the glass hot or scorching.

Specifications of the Dark Sauna Sand Timer include Dimensions of 12 5/8″ by 2 3/8″. Made with Wood and glass, the Sand color is White, making this Timer not only functional but also a visually appealing addition to any sauna setting.

Catalina FH72 Electric Sauna Heater Timer

Choosing Sauna Timers: How to Pick the Best One

The Catalina FH72 Electric Sauna Heater Timer is a robust choice specifically designed for use with FLB Heaters. This timer brings efficiency and convenience to your sauna experience.

Chronograph Hourglass Desk Timer

Choosing Sauna Timers: How to Pick the Best One
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The FUNOMOCYA 1pc Chronograph Hourglass Desk Timer is an elegant Table Top Decor item, doubling as a Desk Topper. This Accessory is not just a Sand Glass Toothbrush Sauna Clock, but it also acts as a versatile Sand Clock, ideal for Timing in various settings, including Wooden Offices. The Color Brown and Material Synthetic give it a classic look.

Product Dimensions are 2.76″D x 3.54″W x 2.76″H, and it has an Item Weight of just 0.59 Grams. Manufactured from premium, durable materials, it is perfect for use in any setting. This simple little thing adds comfort and a sense of slow life.

It’s not only perfect for personal use but also a meaningful gift for a loved one on any occasion. The fine workmanship and classic-shaped decoration make it suitable for customization as a sauna room accessory.

Do You Even Need a Sauna Timer?

In the world of saunas, the sauna timer is a topic of debate. Rarely do people use the one that hangs on the wall, often just collecting dust. A 15 – 20 minutes session is considered a good amount of time, but it really depends on factors like Temperature, humidity, and your body’s ability to handle heat.

For those who are well-hydrated and not tired, sessions can be easily tracked with a watch or phone, though it’s definitely not recommended. A dedicated sauna timer is the best option, especially for a beginner, to avoid staying too long.

Knowing the exact time isn’t about Blindly Following a Timer. It’s crucial to listen to your body and exit if you feel dizzy or are getting too much heat.

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What to Consider When Buying a Sauna Timer

When you buy a sauna timer, think about the type. An hourglass looks nice and is good to watch. A digital timer is very exact and can have extra things like showing the heat. The design should fit well with your sauna. It should look right and you should put it where you can see it well.

It is important the timer is safe for water and heat. This is because saunas are very hot and wet. The cost of sauna timers is usually between $10 and $50. A cheap timer might not last long in a sauna, but an expensive one might have more useful things like showing the temperature. Pick a timer that looks right in your sauna and works well for you.

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