Sauna Thermometers for 2024: Best Choices and Where to Put Them

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In a sauna, monitoring the temperature is key for safe and comfortable use. A thermometer is a must-have purchase. In my opinion, it’s incredibly helpful in determining if your sauna is preheated sufficiently. This article will explain the best place to put your thermometer and give recommendations for the best ones to choose.

Imagine you’re freeing yourself from daily stress, disrobing to bask in the heat of the sauna. It’s easy to relax and get lost in the steam, letting the worries of the day roll off your shoulders. But, it’s crucial not to lose track of the temperature and humidity levels. A thermometer helps you keep track of whether the sauna is ready for bathing and if it’s getting too hot. It should be placed above or near the heater to make sure you do not get too hot while enjoying your sauna session.

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10 Best Sauna Thermometers In 2024 You Need To Know

General Tools A600fc

The General Tools A600FC is a standout in the 2024 lineup of sauna thermometers. This High Temperature, Analog Thermo-Hygrometer is from the well-regarded brand General Tools. It’s sized at 5″W x 5″H and weighs just 0.45 Pounds. Designed for Flange Mount installation, it excels in both measuring and monitoring temperature and humidity.

The A600FC’s attractive design features a stainless steel case and is ideal for flange mounting. Its measurement range is impressive, spanning from 30 to 250 degrees F (-1 to 121 degrees C), with an accuracy of +/-1.8 degrees F (+/-1 degrees C). For Relative humidity, it measures from 10 to 95% RH, with an accuracy of +/-6% of the reading. Its resolutions stand at 2 degrees F, 1 degree C, and 2% RH, making it a reliable and stylish choice for sauna enthusiasts.

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Sauna Thermometer 2 In 1

Sauna Thermometers for 2024: Best Choices and Where to Put Them
Source of image: Freepik

The Sauna Thermometer 2 in 1 is an excellent choice, combining a Wooden Hygrometer and thermometer. Its size of 5×5 Inch makes it perfect for indoor humidity and temperature measurement in sauna rooms and other accessories or garden tools. From the brand BUJIATANG, this item weighs 200 Grams and comes in a 1PC color variant.

It features an Easy-to-Read Display with clear, large numerals and markings, offering instant readings for quick adjustments for optimal comfort. The Accurate Measurement system displays temperatures from 10 to 110℃ and humidity levels from 0 to 100%, with a mechanical design for precise measurements. Its accuracy is approximately ±2°C and ±8%, contributing to a relaxing atmosphere.

Versatile Applications make it suitable for moisture levels monitoring in homes, hotels, schools, and hospitals, ensuring a comfortable environment. The Durable Wooden Construction adds both durability and elegance, with a frame that enhances the natural beauty and longevity of your interior. Its classic design complements any decor, enhancing the ambiance.

Moreover, its Convenient Size and Installation make it compact yet highly visible, easy to place without occupying much space. A pre-drilled hole at the back makes installation a breeze.

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Ljhnba Portable Sauna Thermometer

Sauna Thermometers for 2024: Best Choices and Where to Put Them
Source of image: Freepik

The ljhnba Portable Sauna Thermometer stands out as a top choice for 2024. It’s a Digital Sauna Room Thermometer Hygrometer, perfect for tracking both temperature and humidity. This product is from the brand ljhnba and comes in a clean White color. Its temperature range covers 10-120℃, and the humidity range spans 10%-100%, making it versatile for use not only in the sauna room but also in the bathroom or sweat flow room.

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it is high temperature resistant and durable, ensuring longevity even in intense heat conditions. Designed with a hanging hole, it’s convenient for hanging on any wall surface. This thermometer is perfect for displaying the current temperature and humidity both instantly and accurately.

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Hygrometer Sauna Thermometer

Sauna Thermometers for 2024: Best Choices and Where to Put Them
Source of image: Freepik

The Hygrometer Sauna Thermometer is a versatile 3.9 Inch Dia, Wall Mounted, 2 in 1 Sanuna Thermometer Hygrometer. Ideal for humidity and temperature measurement in indoor settings like hotels and gardens, it’s from the brand BUJIATANG, in a 1pc color and weighs 150 Grams.

This model features a 2-in-1 Design for Precise Measurement, integrating two functions into a single 10 cm (3.94 inch) diameter device. It’s engineered for accurate readings, providing real-time information. The Clear, Easy-to-Read Display has a large, clear glass screen, making the readings of both levels easily visible even in a steamy sauna. The numbers are displayed from 10-120°C and are easy to read.

Wide Use makes it suitable for any family looking to create a relaxing, comfortable ambience. Its Materials and Modern Type include metal, plastic, acrylic, and a real glass lens with a satin coating, offering a simple, beautiful, modern design that blends into any interior setting. The Wall Mounted Convenience allows for easy installation, and its compact size doesn’t take up unnecessary space.

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Offsch Abs Sauna Thermometer

Sauna Thermometers for 2024: Best Choices and Where to Put Them

The OFFSCH abs Sauna Room Thermometer is a notable Measuring Instrument combining a Hygrometer and thermometer. Ideal for indoor humidity and temperature monitoring, it’s perfect for kitchenware, accessories, and household use. This Humidity Meter and Monitor is crafted from Copper, making it a stylish hygrothermograph. Available in As Shown color and from the brand OFFSCH, it weighs just 0.33 Grams.

This Hydrometer features numbers and scales that are clear, easy, and convenient to read, ensuring you always get the accurate temperature value. It’s not only suitable for home use but also for outdoor settings like a nursery or garden. Made of high-end wood, copper, and abs material, it’s durable, reliable, simple, and long-lasting. It’s a great fit for a greenhouse too, thanks to its perfect workmanship, high precision, and fast reading, which save time and effort. Its hanging design can be hung on a wall easily, enhancing any space it occupies.

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Rento Aluminum Sauna Thermometer (fahrenheit)

Sauna Thermometers for 2024: Best Choices and Where to Put Them

The Rento Aluminum Sauna Thermometer (Fahrenheit) is a standout choice. From the brand Rento, it boasts a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. Designed for an Adult age range, this thermometer features a durable Outer Material made of Aluminum and a simple Analog Display Type. For maintenance, it comes with Product Care Instructions to Wipe Clean, ensuring its Reusability.

This simple yet stylish essential for your sauna effectively keeps track of the temperature as you sit and bask in the heat. It registers temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit and can be easily hung on the wall, adding a functional and aesthetic touch to your sauna experience.

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Happyyami 1pc Sauna Thermometer

Sauna Thermometers for 2024: Best Choices and Where to Put Them

The Happyyami 1pc Sauna Humidity Thermometer is a unique addition to this list. It’s a Wooden Sauna Hygrothermograph, combining both a Hygrometer and a Digital Humidity and Temperature Meter. This Humidity Gauge is ideal for indoor use, especially in wood steam boxes. Offering a 2 in 1 functionality, it’s available in Beige color, priced at $18.59, with variants like Beigex2pcs and Beigex3pcs.

Sized at 14x14x5cm and weighing just 0.33 Grams, this Hygrometer and thermometer combined is a Mini humidity meter. It’s suitable for using in environments like a terrarium, with a range of 10 degrees to 120 degrees. Notably, it’s waterproof and moisture-proof, making it ideal for a Sauna room. The hygrometer pointer is made of durable material for lasting use. This Spa thermostat stands out as a precise instrument, well-balanced and well-crafted down to the finest detail.

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Hygrometer Indoor Thermometers

Sauna Thermometers for 2024: Best Choices and Where to Put Them
Source of image: Freepik

The Sauna Thermometer Hygrothermograph by ljhnba is more than just a Hygrometer and Indoor thermometer; it’s a crucial tool for humidity and temperature measurement in various settings like gardens, homes, rooms, and humidistats. Offered in a one color option, this product stands out with its 3.93″W x 1.18″H dimensions and Wall Mount mounting type.

Its Scope of application is impressively wide, being used in archives, saunas, bathrooms, swimming pools, hot spring-rooms, offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, factories, conference-rooms, shopping malls, warehouses, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, airports, theaters, and even in warm, humid nurseries and courtyard-homes. This makes it not only suitable for display in a general setting but also for those needing a dust-resistant and easy-to-clean design for working and monitoring in sauna rooms. It provides accurate readings, essential for maintaining a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere and is great to keep track of moisture content inside a room.

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Offsch Sauna Timer

Sauna Thermometers for 2024: Best Choices and Where to Put Them
Source of image: Freepik

The OFFSCH Sauna Timer is an innovative addition to sauna accessories. This 15-minute sand Timer serves both as a Desk Topper and a 2 Minute Sauna Sand Clock. Its Rotating Woody Toy design is not only Durable but also adds a stylish touch to any Sauna Room. Made of Glass, you can simply Rotate it alongside your Thermometer to keep track of time.

Crafted from premium material, this hourglass is built to last, resistant to deformation and made of sturdy material, making it reliable and practical for lasting use. It’s a perfect present for friends who would be happy with this classic hourglass design. Easy to operate, it can be used not just as a timer but also as an hourglass decor. The excellent craftsmanship features a wooden structure with a smooth surface and a beautiful appearance. Its clear calibration provides convenience to read the 15-minute counting.

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Iwowhero Hygrometer Indoor

Sauna Thermometers for 2024: Best Choices and Where to Put Them

The IWOWHERO Hygrometer Indoor stands out as a versatile Humidity and Temperature Monitor. It’s designed for indoor and outdoor sauna use, made of abs material for durability. As part of your sauna accessories, this Thermometer is also ideal for environments like a baby room or as a general measuring tool. This Wooden device, with its Brand IWOWHERO, is presented in an As Shown color.

Its Product Dimensions are 5.31″W x 10.04″H, and it weighs just 12 Ounces. The Wall Mount mounting type makes it easy to install. The numbers and scales are clear, easy, and convenient to read, providing accurate value measurements. This premium hygrothermograph is simple to use and will bring convenience as a sauna accessory. Made of copper, it’s safe and long-lasting, with perfect workmanship, high precision, and fast reading capabilities that save time and effort. Its practical design and wonderful detail ensure it won’t take up too much space in any setting.

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What Temperature Should My Sauna Be?

Determining the appropriate temperature setting for your sauna depends on its type, whether it’s a dry, wet, hot rocks sauna, or an infrared module. The numbers can change based on general use, and it’s a general rule to read the manufacturer’s temperatures in the manual to find the appropriate settings. Here’s a table to help you understand the typical temperature ranges for different sauna types:

Sauna TypeMinimum TemperatureMaximum Temperature
Tradition (Gas, Wood, Electric)30°C (90°F)50°C (120°F)
Finnish Models with Steamer Heaters70°C (150°F)90°C (190°F)
Infrared Module with Infrared Heater26°C (80°F)50°C (130°F)

Finding the appropriate sauna thermometer to measure and keep an eye on these temperatures is crucial for a relaxing experience.

Where To Hang Sauna Thermometer

When deciding where to mount a sauna thermometer, it’s crucial to ensure the temperature is measured at about head height, or around one meter (3.5ft) above the upper bench. In placing the thermometer, keep two things in mind: it should be far away from the sauna heater or stove to avoid heat radiation – similar to how you would avoid the hottest point directly above the sun.

The further down you go, the lower the measured temperature will be. It’s recommended to use a standard measurement point as a guideline. This placement has huge significance as it ensures the readings are generally comparable and provides a reliable reference for sauna use.

Things To Consider When Buying A Sauna Thermometer

When choosing a sauna thermometer, several factors are crucial for a relaxing experience. First, ensure it’s easy to read in hot and humid conditions. Water tightness is essential to thrive in the heat of a sauna. Consider if you prefer a dial or digital clock; both should withstand tough conditions.

The measurement should be in Celsius, Fahrenheit, or both to understand and show the temperature accurately. A built-in hygrometer is beneficial to optimise your experience, showing humidity levels above 35 per cent. This is important, especially if the rocks are insufficiently hot for producing steam.

Accurate readings are a must, as thermometers can be notoriously inaccurate. The display should be clear and easy to read. Suitable materials for hot, humid environments include wood and analog designs; avoid plastic and battery-operated models.

Different types can be mounted on the wall, stuck on glass, or hanging from the ceiling. Decide on the type you prefer before buying. A Thermometer hygrometer combo with additional features like a timer function can be more beneficial to measure both temperature and humidity levels.

Price is another consideration. There’s a range of prices, so decide how much you’re willing to spend. Finally, Design matters; pick one that suits your style. Whether you prefer something funny, modern, or classic, wood is a popular material for sauna thermometers.


Can you use a digital thermometer in a sauna?

Yes, you can use a digital thermometer in a sauna. They are effective for monitoring temperature accurately.

What kind of thermometer do you use in a sauna?

In a dry sauna, it’s essential to use a temperature gauge. Both digital and dial format thermometers are suitable.

How do you measure the temperature of a sauna?

To measure the temperature in a sauna, place the thermometer inside, ensuring it doesn’t have direct contact with hot surfaces. Positioning it at waist height gives a representative reading of the air temperature.

How high should a sauna thermometer be?

In average Finnish saunas, which are heated to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s hotter near the ceiling. Install the thermometer directly above the heater, around 6 inches below the ceiling.

What temp should a sauna be?

A sauna’s temp should be between 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal experience.

What is the best temperature for a Sauna?

The best temperature for a sauna depends on preference. For a traditional experience, many enjoy temperatures around 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit, while infrared saunas may have different optimal temperatures.

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