Sauna Maintenance In 2024: Simple And Easy Steps

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Maintaining your home sauna is key to ensuring a space where you can relax and detoxify both body and mind. Unlike the often costly upkeep of hot tubs, sauna maintenance is notably inexpensive and straightforward. The secret lies in establishing habits that make cleaning a breeze, ensuring ongoing maintenance doesn’t become a burdensome chore.

Focus on regular maintenance actions before, during, and after your bathing sessions. These simple tips and tricks will keep your sauna in top condition, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for years with minimal effort. This includes regularly inspecting the heater and sauna stones, and replacing any wooden parts as needed. By using your sauna properly and looking after it regularly, you can expect less work in the future and a consistently good condition.

Sauna Maintenance: Easy Steps

Sauna Maintenance In 2024: Simple And Easy Steps
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Cure Your Sauna Before Use

I got my sauna and learned about curing it. This is like pre-heating an oven. It makes the sauna experience better. You sweat sooner and it stops bacteria and viruses. Try to heat it for an hour. If you can’t, 30 minutes works too. When hot, wash the stones with water to add humidity to the room.

Wash Before Entering

Wash before you go in your sauna. This is like getting ready for a public pool or spa. It keeps dirt and oils from your skin off the sauna benches. When showering, better not use harsh detergents that can get into the wood.

Use Towels or Rugs

Sauna Maintenance In 2024: Simple And Easy Steps

In saunas, people often bathe nude. This is normal, especially in Scandinavian saunas and some European spas. Towels or rugs are good to use. They are comfortable and protect the wood from sweat. Change your towel each time.

Use Filtered or Soft Water

Hard water has magnesium and calcium salts. This can make limescale. It’s hard to clean. Filtered or soft water is better, especially for making steam.

Keep the Room Ventilated

Bacteria like warm, damp places. So, I open windows and doors after using my sauna. I let them stay open for a few hours. This lets moisture out.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Sauna Maintenance In 2024: Simple And Easy Steps
Source of image: Freepik

After using your sauna, wipe the surfaces. Use a damp cloth. The wood inside a sauna is porous. It’s not usually treated, so it’s good to keep it clean. Use soft water for this. You don’t need harsh chemicals. If you see stubborn patches, a mild soap or special sauna cleaner can help. If really needed, you can sand the dry area.

Use Antibacterial Essential Oils

Sauna Maintenance In 2024: Simple And Easy Steps
Source of image: Freepik

I like putting antibacterial oils like tea tree oil in the water for the hot stones. It keeps the sauna clean, smells good, and is great for your skin.

Keep the Sauna Clean

Sauna Maintenance In 2024: Simple And Easy Steps
Source of image: Shutterstock

Clean your sauna inside and out regularly. Use a damp cloth. Don’t use harsh chemicals. They can hurt the wood and other materials.

Air Out the Sauna

After using, I make sure to dry the sauna. I open windows or the door to let steam out. Sometimes, I leave the heater on a bit longer after a session. This dries the room. Also, make sure the ventilation system works well to stop moisture from building up.

Check the Heater and Stones

Sauna Maintenance In 2024: Simple And Easy Steps
Source of image: Shutterstock

Look at your sauna heater and stones often. I check my heater each year for damage. See if the stones need replacing. Electric saunas need safe wires and parts. Wood-burning ones need the ashtray empty and no rust or holes. Infrared saunas also need safe parts.

Maintain Wooden Surfaces

Sauna Maintenance In 2024: Simple And Easy Steps
Source of image: Shutterstock

Wood in a sauna can get swollen, dark, or rot. Look after it well. Cedar, aspen, and basswood are good for seats. Pine and spruce are cheaper and good for structures.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Listen to what your sauna maker says for care and safety. Sometimes they sell their own cleaning products. But simple, non-toxic cleaners work fine for wooden surfaces.

Other Tips

Remember to replace things like water buckets and seat covers. Change lights and bulbs when they break. Look after the sauna exterior, like the roof or porch.

Sauna Maintenance Checks

Regular check-ups are essential in caring for your sauna. To keep your sauna in top condition, it’s important to be serious about maintenance. Inspecting your sauna unit frequently can help prevent costly and time-consuming issues. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is during your next bathing session.

Your sauna is not just a place for relaxation; it’s also an excellent environment to practice mindfulness, free of distractions. This makes it ideal for maintenance checks. While you’re enjoying the soothing warmth, take a moment to inspect the sauna. This proactive approach ensures your sauna stays in perfect shape, letting you relax without worries.

How to Perform a Sauna Maintenance Check

When it comes to your home sauna, keeping it clean on a day-to-day basis is essential, but it’s also crucial to perform a semi-regular maintenance check. This involves looking at the finer details of your sauna. The frequency and depth of this inspection depend on the type of sauna, the stove, and any extras you might have. As a basic rule, checking your sauna at least once a year should be your minimum standard.

During your bathing session, it’s a perfect time to perform these checks. Here are some key things to look out for:

  1. Pay close attention to the wood, both internally and externally, if applicable. Look for signs of it being warped, stained, charred, or cracked. These are indicators that the wood might need repair or replacement.
  2. Inspect any electrical elements. Check if the bulbs are still operational. It might also be wise to have a qualified electrician examine the wiring to ensure everything is in order.
  3. Examine the framing and exterior for signs of UV damage or deterioration. This could include loose or weathered screws, peeling varnish, or signs of water ingress.

Addressing these issues promptly is vital. Ignoring them could not only diminish your sauna experience but also be hazardous.

Sauna Maintenance: Wood Fired Heaters

Maintaining your wood-fired sauna heater is crucial for a good sauna experience. If your sauna is not warming up as it used to, it might be time to check the heater. An ineffective heater can not only spoil the experience but also raise safety concerns.

Checking your heater should be done yearly. Start by removing the stones and cleaning out the wood-burning oven. Use a flashlight to give a thorough visual inspection of all surfaces and structures. Look for any holes, cracks, or signs of a broken chamber. These can be a significant risk.

Cleaning and re-stacking the stones is also key. If left untouched, their structure can flatten over time, affecting airflow and steam production. To clean the stones, brush them with a soft bristled brush in warm water. If they show signs of yellowing, crumbling, or sound hollow when tapped together, it’s time to replace them.

How Much Does Sauna Maintenance Cost?

When it comes to sauna maintenance, especially if it involves extensive repairs, you might consider calling an expert. The cost for a professional technician to inspect and work on your sauna can vary. Generally, you can expect to pay between $50 to $150 per hour.

The exact amount depends on what needs fixing. Regular maintenance can help keep these costs down, but for more serious issues, it’s best to get professional help.

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