Discover Finnleo Saunas: Full Reviews and Key Details

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Finnleo saunas

Finnleo saunas have a special story. They started in Seattle, Washington. Finnleo is part of TyloHelo, earlier called Saunatec. This brand has a Finnish background. This is important in how they make saunas. Finnleo makes many styles. They are known for making the most heaters in the world. Their heaters are made in the U.S.A. This shows good work and Finnish sauna tradition.

Finnleo is different because of its Finnish ways. They have a unique heater design. This design stops rocks from touching metals. This is good because it makes the sauna feel better. Finnleo also makes far infrared saunas. But, this is only a small part of what they sell. They focus more on traditional saunas. Finnleo saunas look nice too. They have many choices for the inside and outside. You can pick doors and windows that you like. Finnleo is a big name in saunas. They started in 1919. They are part of the biggest sauna company in the world, TyloHelo World Group. Finnleo wants to give a safe, real sauna experience. They use good wood from northern forests. They also make sure their saunas have very low EMF levels.

What Goes Into Finnleo Infrared Saunas?

Finnleo saunas are known for their infrared heaters. These heaters work well. They get hot fast and save power. The wood in Finnleo saunas is very good. It lasts long and smells nice.

Putting these saunas together is easy. Finnleo makes them simple to set up. This is good for users. Finnleo also has nice features. They have sound systems and lights you can change. These things make the sauna better. I think these parts make Finnleo infrared saunas a great choice for quality and feeling comfortable.

Infrared Sauna Heaters
finnleo Infrared Sauna Heaters

Finnleo infrared saunas have CarbonFlex® heating panels. These panels are on the floor and ceiling. They use carbon emitters. The EMF levels are low. This meets Sweden’s strict radiation standards. Finnleo saunas are big. Their sauna heaters have a special EvenHeat™ system. This system spreads heat evenly. Your whole body feels warm. It is a comfortable sauna bath. The infrared wavelength is good.

Fast & Efficient
Finnleo Fast & Efficient

Finnleo’s Pure Infra saunas are fast. They heat up in just 10 minutes. You use a touchscreen control to start them. These saunas are good for saving energy too. They use about 20% less energy than other saunas in the market. This means you only pay about $3 to $5 per month. So, using a Finnleo infrared sauna saves money and time.

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Wood & Assembly
Finnleo Wood & Assembly

Finnleo infrared sauna uses Canadian Hemlock wood. This wood is for benches and outside parts. They use a safe wood treatment. It looks sleek and is easy to clean. The walls come ready-made. Putting it together is quick and simple. You don’t need any tools. The parts like wall panels, base, and ceiling just fit right. Setting it up is easy. You just plug in the heaters, sound system, and lights to a normal 120 volt outlet. Starting the sauna is easy. Just plug in and it works.

Luxury & Convenience
Finnleo Luxury & Convenience

Finnleo infrared saunas have great technology and conveniences. They give a luxurious sauna experience. There is a TouchPad control system. You can control things like on/off, time, temperature, and lighting options. They also have a Bluetooth sound system. You can listen to tunes or soundscapes. There are different lighting options. They include Chromotherapy and valance lighting. You can enjoy music, a podcast, or a book. They have reading lights too. In Finnleo’s Pure Infra saunas, you can sweat and enjoy together.

How Does Therasauna Compare?

In my research for a comparison, I found a study by USA Health and Wellness. They concluded that while a Finnleo sauna is a decent option, Therasauna might be a stronger choice. This is important to check out if you’re looking at American brands.

Made in the USA

Therasauna stands out because it is made in the USA. Its manufacturing and warehouse are located in IA (Iowa). This is a key point when comparing it with other brands.

55+ Year History
Finnleo 55+ Year History

Therasauna has a long history in sauna manufacturing. They started in 1966 and were among the first sauna manufacturers to bring an infrared sauna to the market. Their experience and patented spa therapy technologies show their expertise.

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Finnleo Theramitters

Therasauna uses heaters called Theramitters. These are made of ceramic. They penetrate the body more deeply. They are 96% efficient. Theramitters deliver infrared at 9.4 microns. This is good for consistently penetrating the body.

Extremely Low EMF
Finnleo Extremely Low EMF

For health and safety, Therasauna is a top manufacturer. They boast ultra-low EMF levels in their infrared saunas.

Quality & Technology
Advance Technology

Therasauna stands out in infrared saunas for its durable and beautiful design. They use high-quality materials and advanced technology. Their saunas are made from Aspen Hardwood from Northern Woods, Wisconsin. This wood is non-allergenic, so it’s safe for people with allergic reactions. They have a Micron Power Select (MPS) patent. This lets users customize the infrared for each body part and temperature. Spectrawave offers Near, Mid, and Far infrared options for a varied sauna session. They are ahead of other brands with features like the 7 Day Programmable memory settings. This lets the user schedule their health and wellness routine. The MPS Touchview 3.0 Control is one of the most advanced control panels in saunas.

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Finnleo Products
Finnleo Sauna Products

Finnleo has many different types of saunas. Their diverse product line caters to what people want and need. They offer lots of products. This means you can find a sauna that is just right for you. Finnleo has something for everyone, no matter what kind of sauna you are looking for.

Traditional Saunas
Finnleo Traditional Saunas

Traditional saunas by Finnleo use heaters, rocks, and water to make heat and steam. You can choose wet or dry saunas. They have indoor and outdoor saunas in different sizes and shapes. The Hallmark series has prefabricated modular saunas. The Designer series offers custom-cut saunas with fancy features. For outside, the Outdoor series is good for your backyard. The Patio series has portable outdoor saunas. The Metro series is great for city homes with different roof options. If you want something special, the Custom series has custom-built saunas for any space and style.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas heat your body with infrared rays. They work at a low temperature and don’t heat the air much. This helps with detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, and relaxation. Finnleo makes these saunas for inside in many sizes and shapes. The S-series is small and has low EMR/EF heaters. The B-series is bigger. The M-series can be changed to fit spaces. The Custom series lets you get a sauna custom-cut just for you.

Hybrid Saunas
Finnleo Hybrid Saunas

Hybrid saunas combine traditional and infrared technologies. You can switch modes depending on your mood or preference. Finnleo offers these for indoors in various sizes and shapes. The InfraSauna series is prefabricated with low EMR/EF heaters. For a tailored fit, the Custom series provides custom-cut options.

Here are the latest sauna offerings from the company:

Indoor Traditional
Finnleo indoor traditional sauna

For INDOOR TRADITIONAL saunas, Finnleo has many types. Their Designer Series includes Seaside, Serenity, Twilight, Solace, Mystique, Moonlight, and Reflections. Each one looks different. They also have the Sisu/Hallmark Series with Sisu, Hallmark 44, 46, 57, 55C, and 66C. These are good for different sizes of rooms. Finnleo also makes Custom saunas to fit what you want. They have lots of choices for indoor saunas.

Outdoor Traditional

For OUTDOOR TRADITIONAL saunas, Finnleo has models like Metro, Patio, and Terrace. The Metro is good for modern outdoor spaces. The Patio is more classic. The Terrace is great for enjoying your garden view. These models are perfect for enjoying a sauna outside in your own yard.

Infrared Saunas

Finnleo has INFRARED SAUNAS in the S-Series and B-Series. The S-Series has models like S810, S820, S825, S830, S840, S870, and S880. Each model fits different needs. The B-Series includes B810, B820, B830, B840, B870, and B880. These models have their own special features. Finnleo also makes Custom infrared saunas for your own special needs.

Cutting Edge Designs from a Leader In R&D

Finnleo Saunas are known as an innovator in the sauna marketplace. For years, they invest a lot of their profits in research and development. This makes their company stand out. They have certified repair specialists in the United States and Canada. They help with home repairs and maintenance of your sauna.

Should You Buy a Finnleo Sauna?

Overall, Finnleo saunas get positive reviews from customers. They are known for their high quality. If you have an issue, it’s best to buy directly from an authorized dealer. They have locations in the US and Canada. For delivery, you can call the company. They have many options to choose from. Finnleo offers great products that are rock solid.

You can Find a Dealer

Why Are All The Finnleo Reviews Positive?

When looking for a home sauna, it can be hard. You might see things like Consumer Reports Scam or Costco sauna and feel confused or frustrated. There’s lots of nonsense online. Saunas are for simple sessions and health like reducing mortality rates. Studies and heat therapy by Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Pubmed summaries say sauna use is good. It helps in lowering blood pressure, losing weight, and lessening medication. Saunas help remove chemicals, pesticides, and metals from the body.

Finnleo is a famous brand. They make setup easy and show the benefits. They are a leader in saunas for many years. Known for being reliable and making customers happy. People who bought Finnleo give positive reviews online. These reviews talk about Pros and Cons. Finnleo is trusted and has been around for a century. They have many loyal customers and a good name in the industry. Most reviews about them are good.

Reviews from Customers

Finnleo Saunas are top sauna brands. They make quality products in the USA. These saunas are easy to install and maintain. Customers who bought them, both online and offline, give good reviews. They often get a five-star rating. People like them for being affordable and long-lasting. Many reviews from customers and experts say Finnleo is a trusted brand.

People who buy them and reviewers talk about their good customer support. This help is great during sauna unit installation, operation, and with warranty issues. Finnleo saunas look stylish and nice. They are a good fit for any home or patio. The brand cares about safety. Their saunas last long because of strong materials and good insulation. This helps keep heat in, making a relaxing environment and using less energy. This makes Finnleo a favorite for homeowners who want low-energy but high-performance saunas.

Reviews from Industry Experts

Industry experts give their insight on Finnleo saunas. These professionals review various models and discuss important factors for buying. Industry analysts and health and lifestyle magazines take an in-depth look at Finnleo’s line of sauna products. They compare different models and their features and performance with other brands.

Their findings and opinions cover which type of sauna is best for a certain situation. They offer tips for purchase, like the infrared heater’s efficiency compared to standard infrared heaters. They highlight Finnleo’s premium line for its convenience and plug-and-play system. The Classic model is noted for its lower operating costs and impact on electricity bills.

These experts also look at installation particulars, like the ease of assembly, service life expectancy, and warranty. They focus on user-friendliness, ease of use, and comfort level. Humidity control is another feature they examine. Their professional assessments help consumers make informed decisions. They match Finnleo’s offerings to what consumers need and want in their purchase decision.

Pros & Cons

Finnleo saunas are known for being high-quality, durable, safe, and efficient. They use premium materials and advanced technology for the best sauna experience. There’s a variety of products for different tastes and needs. They offer a limited lifetime warranty and have excellent customer support. Many users report proven health benefits and there are many positive customer testimonials.

However, Finnleo saunas can be more expensive than other brands on the market. They may require professional installation and maintenance, which can add to the cost. Also, the availability of Finnleo products varies in different areas and countries.

Customer Support

Finnleo has a dedicated customer service team. They are available on the phone and email for any questions or concerns. They also have an online support center with manuals, videos, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips. The team is known for being responsive, friendly, and helpful.

Prices and Product Selection Compared to Other Options

Finnleo saunas are on the higher end of the price spectrum. But they offer good value for money because of their quality and features. They have a wide range of products. This includes traditional, infrared, and hybrid saunas in various sizes, shapes, and styles. They provide many options to customize. They have more products than many other sauna brands on the market.

Finnleo Reputation

Finnleo is a big name in sauna companies. It has a solid reputation. This company is over 100 years old. This shows it is good at what it does. Finnleo is part of the TyloHelo Group. This group is the world’s largest in sauna and steam bath industry.

Finnleo stands out for innovation and excellence. It is not just old but also keeps getting better. They have many awards. People like their products and services a lot. Finnleo is known for quality and good saunas.


Finnleo is a great choice for anyone interested in a high-quality sauna experience. With a focus on health and wellness benefits, Finnleo offers traditional Finnish bathing in a modern way. They have a wide range of products that cater to different preferences and needs. Using premium materials and advanced technology, Finnleo ensures the best experience. They even offer a limited lifetime warranty and excellent customer support. If you are interested in buying, you can visit their website or contact them directly to find a dealer near you or request a quote. Their reviews show they are perfect for those looking to create a relaxing and refreshing space at home. The saunas are affordable, with features and options that allow users to customize. They are safe, easy to use, and provide a calming, private experience with positive results.


Is Finnleo a Good Infrared Sauna?

When talking about Clearlight® and Finnleo saunas, it’s clear they are among the best on the market right now. Both are popular choices for those looking for top-quality infrared saunas. Finnleo, with its range of well-designed saunas, stands out as a reliable option for anyone seeking an effective and enjoyable sauna experience.

What is a Finnleo Sauna?

A Finnleo sauna is a type of indoor sauna room designed to enhance your living space. Their Custom-Cut saunas are designed to fit any designated area in your home, whether it’s under a stairwell, in an existing walk-in closet, or a wide-open basement. The Finnleo design team works to create beautiful and outstanding sauna experiences tailored to your home’s unique layout.

Can You Pour Water on Finnleo Sauna?

Pouring water on the rocks of a Finnleo traditional sauna with heaters is fine. It’s an essential aspect of the overall experience, creating steam and enhancing the sauna’s warmth and humidity. However, in Finnleo infrared saunas, adding water is not necessary as they work differently, focusing on ambient heat without high humidity.

How Long Does Finnleo Sauna Take to Heat Up?

A Finnleo traditional sauna takes about 30 to 45 minutes to fully heat up. This time allows the rocks to reach the perfect temperature for a soft heat and steam. Infrared saunas from Finnleo work differently. They do not heat the room temperature but focus on penetration and absorption of energy.

Is Finnleo Sauna a Steam Sauna?

Finnleo offers a complete and innovative line of spas. As a leading manufacturer, they provide both traditional steam and infrared saunas.

Who Makes Finnleo Saunas?

Finnleo is made by Sauna360, a world leader in the sauna and steam industry. The company has a history dating back to 1919, when it was established in Wyborg, Finland.

Where is Finnleo Sauna Made?

Finnleo Saunas are manufactured in various styles near the Seattle, Washington area. The company has distinctly Finnish roots, as part of the parent company TyloHelo, formerly known as Saunatec. They also sell heaters around the world.

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