Find Perfect Sauna Hat [Comfort, Durability]

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Introduction Of Sauna Hat

When you enter a sauna, you might see people wearing quirky, large felt hats. These are not just any hats, but sauna hats, sometimes known as sauna caps or banya hats. I found out that wearing this woollen headgear in a hot sauna might seem odd at first. Why add extra layers when it’s already so hot, right? But, through my own experience and what I’ve learned, these hats are more than just a fashion statement. They make being in the sauna less uncomfortable and are a great addition to anyone’s sauna routine. Whether you’re a sauna veteran or just starting out, understanding the different types and how to use them can be very useful information.

What Is A Sauna Hat?

Find Perfect Sauna Hat [Comfort, Durability]
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A sauna hat is something people wear in high temperatures to keep their head cool. In a hot sauna environment, it has many benefits. It is not just to look stylish but for cooling. This traditional piece is good for both indoor use and outdoor activities like cold plunging and bathing in hot tubs. Made from materials that handle the heat well, it’s suitable for every kind of sauna lover. Whether you dip outside in a cold plunge to cool off or stay inside, wearing one is worthwhile. Sauna enthusiasts find it a key part of their visit. It makes the intense heat more bearable, proving its function goes beyond fashion. It’s something regular goers should consider.

Cooling And Protection

When you think of sauna, cooling and protection might not be the first things that come to mind. But for sauna goers, especially those who enjoy a good löyly (sauna steam) on the top bench close to the ceiling, where it’s hottest, wearing a sauna hat is key. These hats are not just any headgear. They’re often made from woollen or felt materials, designed to protect the head from becoming over-heated. Your scalp and ears stay warm and protected, while the rest of your body can enjoy the high temperatures safely.

I found this particularly useful when I started my sauna routine. Wearing these quirky and stylish caps makes the experience more comfortable. They prevent your head from getting too hot, allowing you to stay in the sauna for longer periods of time. This is beneficial for those who have color-treated hair or are concerned about hair loss issues due to heat exposure. The hats also reduce the formation of split ends, regulate temperature, and decrease the risk of feeling dizzy. Plus, they reduce sweating, making your sauna experience more enjoyable.

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Sauna hats have a versatility that goes beyond just the indoor sauna environment. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, especially in cold climates where you might dip or plunge into cooling tubs or bathing areas to cool off. For sauna enthusiasts who wear their hats outside, it’s a way to protect the head while transitioning from hot to cold. This addition to your sauna routine is worthwhile considering, whether you’re a veteran or just starting out. It’s a unique and traditional way to enjoy the benefits of sauna with an extra layer of protection and style.

What Are Sauna Hats Traditionally Made Of?

Find Perfect Sauna Hat [Comfort, Durability]
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Sauna hats are usually made from wool felt. This material is traditional for sauna use. Wool has antibacterial properties. It is resistant to dirt, moisture, and smell. These properties make wool felt well-suited for the hot and steam in saunas.

There are different types of wool. For example, Alpaca and sheep wool. Both are often felted to make sauna hats. Another textile that is popular is Linen. Linen absorbs moisture well and is ecological and skin friendly. It also improves in softness over time.

These materials are chosen for their natural qualities. They help sauna goers enjoy their time in the heat. They keep the head cool and dry. This is my experience too. Wearing a hat made of these materials makes the sauna experience better.

Why Use A Sauna Hat?

Find Perfect Sauna Hat [Comfort, Durability]
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Sauna hats help even out temperature differences between your body and head during a sauna session. They prevent sweating on your head, which makes the sauna experience better. This is beneficial for your heart and can help with circulatory issues. Choosing the right type of sauna cap can protect your hair from heat damage. Also, it helps avoid post-sauna headaches caused by dehydration or poor air circulation. A good hat will ensure you get enough hydration and proper air conditioning in the sauna, helping prevent headaches.

In cold climates, like in Finland, people love outdoor hot tubs and ice swimming. They protect their heads from the cold with sauna hats. This keeps them warm and comfortable.

How To Use A Sauna Hat?

Find Perfect Sauna Hat [Comfort, Durability]
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To use a sauna hat, first soak it in cool water. Then gently wring out any excess water. Now, place it on your head, making sure it’s lightly covering your top and ears. This gives a cooling effect when you are in the sauna. If you care for your sauna hat correctly and clean it regularly, it will last a long time.

I have one sauna hat that I really like. It is made from linen terry fabric. This material is woven and sewn in Jokipii, Western Finland. My hat is from a partner called Jokipiin Pellava. They make these hats without any chemicals in the production process. It is outstanding and works very well.

Sauna Hat Benefits

Find Perfect Sauna Hat [Comfort, Durability]
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Protects Against Heat

Wearing a sauna hat during a traditional sauna experience is smart. Saunas have intense temperatures that climb between 150 and 195 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat level is good for boosting blood circulation and detoxification. But, the National Institute of Health says when our body gets exposed to such extreme temperatures, it can cause dizziness, skin flushing, or tachycardia (a faster-than-normal heart rate). Our brain is under a thin skin layer on our heads, making it very sensitive to high heat. Studies show high heat can disrupt neurotransmitter balance. Neurotransmitters are crucial for body functions like mood regulation, anxiety control, and sleep cycles. A sauna hat shields the scalp from direct heat exposure, making the sauna a cooler, safer, and more enjoyable experience.

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Absorbs Sweat

In saunas, sweat is a given during a heated session. Perspiration is a natural process. A sauna towel can wipe away sweat, but a sauna hat is your first line of defense. It absorbs sweat from your head, stopping droplets from rolling down your face and neck. This is important whether you’re performing a challenging sauna workout or enjoying a meditative moment in the heat.

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Maintains Hair Health

One of the benefits of wearing a sauna hat is to keep your hair dry and protected. Excessive heat exposure can strip away natural oils and break down proteins in your hair, leading to split ends, breakage, and dryness. To avoid this and protect your precious locks from the harsh sauna conditions, wearing a sauna hat helps in preserving the natural shine and vitality of your hair.

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Regulates Body Temperature

Wearing a sauna hat also helps to regulate your overall body temperature. Studies suggest the brain is a key location for heat transfer. Insulating it with a sauna hat helps maintain a comfortable balance between warmth and coolness, allowing you to enjoy longer sauna sessions without feeling overwhelmed by the heat or needing frequent breaks.

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How To Choose The Right Sauna Hat

Find Perfect Sauna Hat [Comfort, Durability]
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The material of your sauna hat is crucial. It needs to provide good insulation while being comfortable and able to absorb sweat. Many sauna enthusiasts find wool felt to be the optimal choice because it holds shape, is durable, and offers superior heat protection. Other options like linen, cotton, and hemp are also popular. They are gentle on the skin and you don’t have to worry about allergies or irritation. When selecting, choose a thick enough material to shield you from the heat.

Size and Fit

Size and fit are very important. You don’t want your hat to slide off your head in the middle of a session. The right fit is essential. A well-fitted sauna hat should feel snug and secure without being overly tight or uncomfortable. It should cover most of the top and back of your head, as well as your ears. Some models come with a drawstring or an elastic band to prevent it from slipping or siding.


While function is critical, who says you can’t look fabulous while maintaining your well-being? Sauna hats come in various designs and styles, from traditional Finnish and Russian banya hats to modern, sleek, or even quirky and fun ones with embroidery and patterns. However, choose thread and materials like polyester carefully to avoid sweating profusely.


After sweating buckets in the sauna, your hat can harbor bacteria, becoming stinky, unappealing, and a health hazard. To avoid this, pick a sauna hat that’s easy to wash and care for. Many people opt for machine washable hats that can be cleaned with a mild detergent.

General Care Instructions For Your Sauna Hat

For your sauna hat to last long and stay clean, it’s important to care for it the right way. First, always air out your hat after use. This helps keep it fresh. When it’s time to clean your woollen hat, hand wash it. Use a mild detergent that’s suitable for wool products. Then, rinse it in lukewarm water. Remember, do not machine wash your hat because that could damage it.

As a sauna pro, I sometimes toss my hat into fresh snow. This is a natural way to clean and refresh

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For When Buying A Sauna Hat

When you’re buying a sauna hat, there are a few tips to remember to get the best type. First, think about the material. Sheep or alpaca wool are great because they are natural and antimicrobial, which means they don’t smell after contact with sweat. Cotton and linen are also common materials for sauna hats, but avoid any that have plastic or metal parts as they can get too hot.

Hats with seams should be comfortable, but there are options that are seamless. Felt is very common and a good choice because it’s durable. Make sure the hat fits well; it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. You can choose from countless designs available, so pick one you like.

Remember, Wool felt hats don’t need to be washed as often because real wool is antimicrobial and doesn’t easily smell from sweat.

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In conclusion, the sauna hat is a simple yet essential accessory for anyone who enjoys spending time in a sauna. Beyond its quirky and stylish appearance, it serves critical functions such as protecting against heat, absorbing sweat, maintaining hair health, and regulating body temperature. Made from natural materials like wool felt, linen, and cotton, these hats are designed to withstand the intense conditions of a sauna while providing comfort and safety. Choosing the right sauna hat involves considering the material, size and fit, design, and maintenance requirements to ensure it meets your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned sauna-goer or new to the experience, a sauna hat can enhance your sauna sessions, making them more enjoyable and beneficial for your health. Remember to care for your sauna hat properly, and it will serve as a valuable part of your sauna routine for a long time.

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What Is A Sauna Hat Called?

A sauna hat is commonly known as a banya hat or banya bonnets, especially in Russian steam baths.

Does Sauna Heat Damage Hair?

Yes, sauna heat can dry out your hair, making it frizzy and brittle. A sauna hat can protect your locks from the brunt of the heat and lock in your hair’s natural moisture for a healthy mane post-sauna sessions.

Is It Better To Wear A Sauna Hat Wet Or Dry?

It’s a personal preference. Your body reacts differently to heat. A dry hat provides more insulation, while a wet hat gives a cooling effect. Try both methods to see what tips the scale for you.

How Do You Cool Your Head In A Sauna?

USING A SAUNA HAT can shield your head from the intense heat of a sauna, helping to keep your head cool so you can remain for a longer period and enjoy the therapeutic effects for a longer time.

What Kind Of Hat Do You Wear In A Sauna?

Wool felt is a popular choice among sauna enthusiasts for its optimal insulation, ability to hold shape, and durability. Other options include linen, cotton, and hemp materials for superior heat protection.

What Is The Point Of A Sauna Hat?

The point of a sauna hat is to prevent symptoms of overheating like nausea and dizziness. It acts as a protective layer for your head during longer bouts in the sauna, helps to prevent long-term damage to your hair from heat exposure, and can level up your experience by soaking the sauna hat in cold water before jumping into the sauna.


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