Exploring YouFit Gyms: Does YouFit Gyms Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?

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Does YouFit Gyms Have a Sauna

Many people like going to YouFit Gyms. These gyms have affordable prices and sleek marketing. People want to know if these gyms have saunas. Saunas are important for health and relaxation. YouFit Gyms do have saunas. But not all saunas are in every gym. YouFit Gyms has about 80 locations. Not every place has a sauna. The sauna might depend on what membership tier you choose. So, always check at your YouFit Gym if they have a sauna.

YouFit is not just about saunas. They have many things to do. They help with eating healthy using the EatLove app. They have YouFit on Demand. This is for working out at home. They have videos for that. YouFit gives many other services too.

If your YouFit Gym does not have a sauna, you might look for other fitness centers. Some other places have both saunas and steam room facilities.

We will talk more about which YouFit centers have saunas. We will talk about the membership cost and other services they have. This will help you pick the right gym.

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Do All YouFit Gym Centers Have Sauna?

YouFit gyms are different. Some have saunas, some don’t. I looked on the YouFit Gym website. I found saunas at about a dozen locations. For example, YouFit Gym in Mesquite, TX has a sauna. All paying in-person members can use it. This includes Basic and Premium+ membership. But, YouFit Gym in Philadelphia, PA is different. No sauna services there. They have something else called Cardio Theater. Each YouFit Gym has different services. So, if you want a sauna, best to check your nearby YouFit Gym.

Amenities at YouFit Gyms

YouFit Gyms have many things for your fitness needs. They have Cardio Machines for heart workouts. For lifting, there is Olympic Weightlifting. They also have an Indoor Training Turf. You can join Group Fitness Classes. There is a big Fitness Area. They have many Equipment. If you want help, you can get Personal Training. After working out, use the Locker Rooms. They are big and clean. YouFit Gyms are good for all your fitness activities.

Cardio Machines

Exploring YouFit Gyms: Does YouFit Gyms Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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YouFit Gyms have many cardio machines. You find treadmills and ellipticals. No need to wait for your workout.

Olympic Weightlifting

Exploring YouFit Gyms: Does YouFit Gyms Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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YouFit has Olympic weightlifting. For beginners and experienced lifters. Try deadlifts and barbell squats.

Indoor Training Turf

Exploring YouFit Gyms: Does YouFit Gyms Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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YouFit has training turf. You can pivot and stretch. No skidding or slipping. The turf provides stability.

Group Fitness Classes

Exploring YouFit Gyms: Does YouFit Gyms Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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YouFit offers group fitness classes. Like HIIT+, Les Mills BODYFLOW™, yoga, Zumba, and cycle. Certified instructors teach. Classes for every level.

Classes and Personal Training

YouFit Gyms also have group classes and personal training. Many options for workouts. Classes like HIIT, yoga, pilates, and cycling.

Locker Rooms

Exploring YouFit Gyms: Does YouFit Gyms Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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YouFit Gyms have clean, well-maintained locker rooms. After workout, store your things. Lockers are safe. They have showers for cleaning up.

What Are the Membership Costs?


Premium+ Membership

YouFit Gym’s Premium+ Membership means Nothing is off limits. It has Unlimited small group training. Only 10 people or fewer in a group, and a personal trainer leads it. You can go to All group fitness classes. You get Cardio equipment, free weights, and resistance machines. If Indoor pickleball is available, you can play. You get paddles and balls for free. You can use the EatLove nutrition app. Full locker room access, sauna too. Unlimited guest passes, Discounted drinks. Go to any YouFit gym. Personal training starts at $35. It’s Affordable.

Premium Membership

YouFit Gym’s Premium Membership means good things at low prices. You get lots of amenities. There’s Cardio equipment, free weights, and resistance machines. You can go to All group fitness classes. If Indoor pickleball is available, you can play. The gym has a Performance lifting area for heavy lifting. You also get Full locker room access and can use the sauna. This membership gives you Unlimited guest passes and lets you go to any YouFit gym. Members enjoy Discounted drinks. You can get personal training starting at just $35. It’s Affordable.

Anything but basic! For only $9.99 a month, you get:

YouFit Gym’s Anything but basic! membership is only $9.99 a month. You get lots of good stuff. There’s Cardio equipment, free weights, and resistance machines. They have a Performance lifting area too. You also get Full locker room access. There’s a fully equipped turf training area for different exercises. And if you want help, personal training is Affordable. It starts at $35. This is a great deal for people who want to save money and stay fit.

Free Trials

YouFit Gym has free one-day trial passes. This lets you try the gym for a day. You can sign up for this on their website. It’s easy and no cost. You can check out the gym, use equipment, and join a class for a day to see if you like it.

Does the Youfit Gym Near You Have a Sauna?

To know if your local YouFit Gym has a sauna, go to their official gym location webpage. Put in your address, choose sauna in amenities, and search. This will show you nearby YouFit Gym locations with a sauna. If you are in Houston, TX, you can search for gyms up to 1000 miles away. Click ‘Find Your Gym’ to see gyms in Texas and Florida with saunas. Some gyms let all in-person members use the sauna. But, others only let Premium-level and higher members use it. Like, in North Lauderdale, FL, Basic-level members can’t use the sauna. You can also look for a specific gym on the main YouFit Gym website’s search bar.

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YouFit Gyms are known for affordable memberships. They help members reach fitness goals. They focus on each person. Some gyms have saunas and steam rooms. But not all do. It’s important to check if you want these. Before picking a gym, see if sauna or steam room is important to you. To find out, call the local gym or look at their website.

Saunas and steam rooms are good for relaxing. They might be good for your health. But they are not essential for getting fit. There are many things in a gym that matter. Like good equipment, different classes, and helpful staff members.

When you pick a gym, think about what you need. Does the gym have what you want? For me, a gym should match what I need. Always do proper research. Make sure the gym meets your needs. It should align with what is important to you.


Who owns YoFit?

GFI bought YoFiit. It’s known for plant-based milk and snack food.

Can I bring a guest?

You can bring a guest. Pay $5.00. They must follow guest policies and show a photo ID. Premium+ membership? Bring a guest anytime.

What time does YouFit close?

YouFit Gyms hours are different. They change so members can pick when to work out. Check the local gym’s website or call them. They give you the hours and info on amenities. Hours might change on holidays.

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees at YouFit. When you join, they tell you all about fees. You can get this info emailed too.

How much is the annual fee?

Annual fees at YouFit depend on your membership type. Look in your membership packet for this info.

How do I cancel my membership?

To stop your membership, it’s now easier.

Can I freeze my membership?

You can stop your membership for 60 days. You can do this for up to 180 days in a year.

Can I freeze my personal training agreement?

You can’t stop your personal training agreement. Need to change it? Contact the manager at your gym.

What forms of payment does YouFit accept for automatic payments?

YouFit takes bank payments, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Master Card (some limits). They accept all credit cards for training sessions and buying things at the gym.

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