Exploring Gold’s Gym: Does Gold’s Gym Have a Sauna, Steam Room, Hot Tub, or Pool?

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If you want to find a gym with a sauna and other great stuff, you might think about Gold’s Gym. After you work out hard, it’s nice to relax. Many Gold’s Gym places have a sauna, steam room, pool, and even a hot tub. They also have lots of different equipment and classes for all kinds of workouts.

The price for being a member starts at about $29.99 each month. This can change depending on where you are. This is good because it means you can go to the gym even if you are busy or have a lot of free time. If you want more things like pools and steam rooms, Gold’s Gym has special memberships for that. They have things like Gold’s Studio and Gold’s AMP. They also offer personal training and group classes. This is great for both beginners and people who have been working out for a long time. Gold’s Gym has many options to help you with your fitness goals.

What is Gold’s Gym?
Gold's Gym

Gold’s Gym is a famous gym chain that started in 1965 in Venice, California. Now, it has over 700 places in 30 countries. It’s known for being serious about bodybuilding. Both regular people who like to work out and famous people go there. Pro athletes train there too. You can find a Gold’s Gym near you on their website. They have a lot of gyms, especially in big cities in California, Colorado, Texas, and New York.

This gym has different things for different budgets and fitness goals. Being a member costs about $29.99 to $100 each month. Sometimes there are extra fees to start and each year. Do they have a sauna, pool, steam room, or hot tub? Yes, many of their gyms have these in their spa areas. Your membership lets you use the cardio and strength machines. If you pay a little more, you can also go to group fitness classes, get personal training, and use special places like Gold’s Studio.

Does Gold’s Gym Have a Sauna?

Yes, Gold’s Gym often has a sauna. People who go to Gold’s Gym like to use the sauna to relax and feel better after working out. It’s a good place to calm down. But, it’s important to check the Gold’s Gym near you because not every gym has a sauna. Besides saunas, a lot of these gyms have pools, hot tubs, and steam rooms. These are also good for relaxing after a hard workout. You can pick from different kinds of memberships at Gold’s Gym. This lets you choose what you want based on what you want to do for fitness and how much you want to spend.

Gold’s Gym is well-known for serious bodybuilding. People who really like to lift weights, build muscle, and do tough workouts go there. The gym has lots of equipment and classes for things like losing weight and getting stronger. So, Gold’s Gym is a good choice for people who want a gym that fits their workout needs.

Does Gold’s Gym Have a Steam Room?

Yes, many Gold’s Gym locations have a steam room. This is a great place to relax and help your muscles feel less tight after you work out. People who go to Gold’s Gym like having a steam room there. It’s part of what they offer for overall health and wellness. Along with steam rooms, these gyms often have pools, saunas, and hot tubs. All these things are good for relaxing and recovering after exercise.

Gold’s Gym also has different fitness classes for all kinds of goals and fitness levels. It’s known as a great place for people who are really into fitness, especially for bodybuilding. The gym has all kinds of equipment and areas for training to help with different fitness goals. This includes losing weight or just staying healthy. So, if you want a gym that makes your workout better, Gold’s Gym has a lot of choices for everyone.

Alternatives to Gold’s Gym with a Sauna?

If you’re looking for a gym with a sauna but Gold’s Gym isn’t what you need, there are other gyms to consider. Equinox and LifeTime Fitness have lots of nice things like spas and personal trainers. But, they cost more. If you don’t want to spend a lot, the YMCA has gyms all over with good prices. They focus on community and making everyone feel welcome.

LA Fitness is another choice. They give you a more personal experience. Also, small, independent gyms might have everything a big gym has but can be a special find. Make sure to look into all your options before you decide on a gym. This will help you find the best gym for what you need.

Does Gold’s Gym Have an Infrared Sauna or Red Light Therapy?
Gold’s Gym

As for Gold’s Gym, they don’t have infrared saunas or red light therapy. These are getting more popular at some wellness centers, but Gold’s Gym doesn’t offer them. They do have regular saunas and steam rooms. If you really want an infrared sauna or red light therapy, look for gyms or wellness centers near you that have these. You can also ask at your local Gold’s Gym to see exactly what they have.

Does Gold’s Gym Have a Pool?

Yes, most Gold’s Gym locations have a pool. These pools are good for people who like to swim and for those who want a different kind of exercise or to relax. The pools are usually inside and are heated. This means you can swim all year in a nice temperature. There are also classes in the water, like water aerobics and aqua Zumba. These classes are fun and easy on your body. If you’re thinking about joining Gold’s Gym, it’s a good idea to check if the one near you has a pool.

Does Gold’s Gym Have a Spa?

As for a spa, not every Gold’s Gym has a full-service spa. But, many have spa services like massages and facials. It’s a good plan to see what your local Gold’s Gym offers before you join. These spa services are there to help you relax after you work out. Some gyms might also have massage chairs, foam rollers for you to use yourself, and beds for hydro massage. You might also find things like tanning beds and spray tans. For a relaxing workout, you could try classes like yoga or Pilates. These are good for your body and help you feel calm and refreshed.

Does Gold’s Gym Have a Jacuzzi or a Hot Tub?

Yes, some Gold’s Gym locations have jacuzzis and hot tubs. These are great for relaxing and helping your muscles feel better after a hard workout. But, the jacuzzis and hot tubs can be different at each gym. This includes things like how big they are and how hot they are. It’s important to know that not all Gold’s Gyms have these.

If you really want a gym with a jacuzzi or hot tub, you should check the Gold’s Gym near you before you decide to join. If having a jacuzzi or hot tub is very important to you, you might want to think about other gyms that always have them.

Amenities at Gold’s Gym – What Amenities Do They Have?Gold’s Gym

Here are some of the amenities that you can expect to find at Gold’s Gym:

Group Exercise

Gold’s Gym features temperature-controlled group exercise studios with special flooring and advanced sound systems. They offer popular classes like Les Mills and Zumba, as well as Mind & Body sessions. These classes run throughout the week and are taught by highly certified instructors.

Personal Training

At Gold’s Gym, Certified Personal Trainers deliver the highest-quality instruction and motivation to help members meet and surpass their fitness goals.

Cardio Equipment

Gold’s Gym upholds its reputation for no-compromises fitness at each location with cutting-edge cardio equipment from top manufacturers. This equipment is rigorously maintained to the highest standard of performance, ensuring a premium workout experience for all members.

Cardio Cinema

Elevate your heart rate at Gold’s Gym Cardio Cinema®, an exclusive feature where you can work out on the latest treadmills, ellipticals, and step machines while watching your favorite movies. This unique experience is enhanced with a large screen and surround sound, making cardio workouts more engaging and enjoyable.

Free Weights

A staple at Gold’s Gym is the wide variety of free weights available. From dumbbells to barbells, they cater to all fitness needs, allowing members to customize their strength training routines.

Functional Training Areas:

Gold’s Gym offers areas for functional training. These are designed to tone and strengthen your body. The area includes tools like resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, and rocker boards. You can do a variety of exercises here.

Resistance Machines:

Gold’s Gym features resistance machines. These machines help strengthen muscles through controlled movements. They provide a stretching action that makes your workout effective and easy to follow. This is great for those who want to change up their usual routine.

Group Cycle:

The group cycle studio at Gold’s Gym is a place for energetic workouts. You can compete with friends and push your limits. It’s an exciting environment for a social and active workout.

Basketball Courts:

Gold’s Gym also has basketball courts. You can play a quick game or a full match. This is perfect for mixing fitness with competitive sports.


The pools at Gold’s Gym are ideal for various needs. Whether you’re training for a triathlon, looking for a low-impact workout, or just want to cool off, the pools provide the right setting.

Mind & Body Studios:

These studios are centered around Yoga, providing a quiet and calming space away from the regular gym environment. Ideal for both beginners and experienced yogis, these studios offer a place to focus on muscle toning and flexibility.

Women Only Workout Areas:

Understanding the need for a private workout space for women, Gold’s Gym offers areas exclusively for women. These areas have weight machines, free weights, and cardio equipment, catering specifically to women’s fitness needs.

Circuit Training:

Gold’s Gym provides Circuit Training to boost your fitness journey. This involves a series of strength and cardio exercises done in a set time. It’s a great way to mix up your regular routine.

Racquetball Courts:

For those who enjoy sports as a form of exercise, Gold’s Gym has racquetball courts. It’s a fun way to get a full-body workout and burn calories.

Boxing Areas:

Ideal for boxing training or just staying in shape, the boxing areas at Gold’s Gym allow members to enhance their strength and endurance through punching exercises.


The spa facilities at Gold’s Gym, including hot tubs, offer a relaxing experience to soothe muscles after a tough workout.

Saunas/Steam Rooms:

Gold’s Gym also features saunas and steam rooms, perfect for detoxing and relaxing after exercise.

Running Tracks:

For those who enjoy walking, jogging, or running, Gold’s Gym has running tracks suitable for maintaining a dynamic cardio routine.

Pro Shops:

At the Pro Shop in Gold’s Gym, you can find a wide range of apparel, gym bags, fitness accessories, and workout gear.

Kids Club:

Gold’s Gym Kids Club provides childcare during your workout. It offers a safe and fun environment for kids with activities like supervised play and crafts.

Smoothie Bars:

For a quick snack or a meal-sized shake, Gold’s Gym smoothie bars offer protein bars and a variety of smoothies.

Locker Rooms:

The gym provides convenient and luxurious locker rooms, ensuring a seamless workout experience and a comfortable space to relax afterward.


Gold’s Gym offers high-speed wireless internet access, allowing you to stream music, videos, check social media, and stay in touch while working out.


This is a digital personal training experience through a mobile app. It’s coach-led and music-driven, designed to ramp up your fitness routine.


This program offers group training with expert coaching in an encouraging environment. It’s a great way to connect with a community focused on full-body fitness.


This is not your average cycle class. GOLD’S CYCLE™ features real-time leaderboard technology, offering a competitive and dynamic group fitness experience.


Designed for calorie burning, fat burning, and muscle building, GOLD’S BURN™ combines cardio and strength training in a high-intensity program.


Available both indoor and outdoor, BOOTCAMP at Gold’s Gym offers a versatile full-body workout focusing on strength and cardio in each session.


This feature provides non-invasive 3D scanning technology to accurately track your fitness progress. It takes measurements like waist, hips, and biceps in just 35 seconds, helping to align your fitness efforts with your goals.

Is Gold’s Gym Worth it?

Is Gold’s Gym worth it? It depends on what you want from a gym. The price to join Gold’s Gym changes depending on where it is and the kind of membership you get. The price is usually between $29.99 and $100. Gold’s Gym has a lot of things to offer. It has about 700 places in 28 countries. This makes it easy for many people to go there.

The gym has many types of equipment. This includes free weights, machines, and things for cardio workouts. Most Gold’s Gyms also have a pool and sauna. They offer personal training, group classes, and an app for workout and nutrition tips. When you compare Gold’s Gym with other gyms like Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness, it’s different. Gold’s Gym is known for old-school bodybuilding and having a diverse group of people. The gym is open for a long time each day. This is good for people who have different schedules. So, if you are really into bodybuilding, want to be part of a strong community, or don’t want to spend much for a gym, Gold’s Gym has something for everyone.


In conclusion, Gold’s Gym is known for its sauna and steam room, as well as other great features. This makes it a gym with lots of choices. The cost to join ranges from about $30 to $60 each month. This depends on where the gym is and what kind of membership you pick. If you’re thinking about joining Gold’s Gym, their website has all the info you need. This includes addresses, phone numbers, and when the gym is open. You can join by going to the gym or signing up online. The website often has special SEE OFFERS for different places. So, Gold’s Gym could be a good choice if you want a gym that has a lot to offer.


Is Gold’s Gym Sauna Available During All Operational Hours?

Yes, the sauna at Gold’s Gym is usually open during all the hours the gym is open. But, this can change depending on the gym’s location. Sometimes, they might close the sauna for cleaning or fixing something. It’s a good idea to check with the gym near you to see if anything might stop you from using the sauna.

How Hot Is Gold’s Gym Sauna?

The sauna at Gold’s Gym is different at each place. The temperature is usually between 150°F and 195°F. This is both safe and feels good. If you use the sauna, start with short times like 10-15 minutes. Then, as you get used to it, you can stay longer.

What is Gold’s Gym Famous For?

Gold’s Gym is famous all over the world for its history in bodybuilding. It’s been around for over 55 years and now has more than 600 locations in 6 continents. The gym became very well-known in the bodybuilding world because famous people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Franco Columbu used to go to the original Gold’s Gym.

Can you wear a sports bra at Gold’s Gym?

Yes, you can wear a sports bra or crop top at Gold’s Gym. Their Club Rules say you need to wear proper gym clothes. But you can’t wear jeans, open-toed shoes, sandals, work boots, or clothes with bad words on them. Also, you can’t bring gym bags onto the gym floor. And, you should be careful not to drop or slam weights.

Can you go to Gold’s Gym twice a day?

Usually, at Gold’s Gym, you can only book one workout session each day. This means you can’t normally go to the gym twice in one day with a regular membership. If you can’t make it to your workout, it’s good to cancel your booking so someone else can use that time.


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