Exploring NYSC Gym: Does NYSC Gym Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?

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Does NYSC Gym Have a Sauna

When it comes to relaxing after a workout, nothing beats a soothing sauna session. The New York Sports Club (NYSC), recognized as an elite health club, offers just that. Each NYSC location, including the Murry Hill Club and others, provides a sauna among its amenities. To access these facilities, members typically subscribe to a $75 monthly plan, which grants unlimited access to all their sports clubs.

The membership cost might be on the higher side, but the quality and range of facilities at NYSC, including both sauna and steam room, justify the price. If you’re living in New York or nearby states like Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., and looking for top-quality services, NYSC is definitely worth checking out. Despite the club owners filing for bankruptcy in 2020, NYSC has joined forces with the New York Athletic Club and is open for business, continuing to offer its affordable, high-end amenities.

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NYSC Club Facilities

NYSC offers an extensive range of facilities across its 14 clubs in Manhattan, including 3 in Downtown, 3 in Long Island, 4 in Midtown, 7 in Uptown, 1 in Brooklyn, 1 in New Jersey, and 6 in Queens. Each of these locations is equipped with the best facilities to enhance your workout experience. Whether you’re in the regional New York clubs or in the heart of the city, you’ll find training zones, exercise classes, personal trainers, swimming pools, saunas, and even tennis courts. These amenities are designed not just to help you relax but also to assist in achieving your fitness goals. The professional staff at NYSC ensures a smooth and high-end process, making every visit a rewarding experience.

Full-Tech Cardio Machines

Exploring NYSC Gym: Does NYSC Gym Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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At NYSC club, the exercise equipment goes beyond the basics. As a fully equipped gym, NYSC prides itself on providing a variety of high-tech cardio machines. These aren’t just your average treadmills and bikes; they’re designed to enhance your workout to a new level of efficiency. The cardio machines at NYSC are equipped with features that monitor your heart rate and adjust the gear to match your fitness level, ensuring a tailored and effective exercise session. This commitment to service and quality is what sets NYSC apart, making it a go-to destination for fitness enthusiasts.

Weightlifting Area

Exploring NYSC Gym: Does NYSC Gym Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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The weightlifting area at NYSC club is a haven for strength training enthusiasts. With your membership, you gain access to a comprehensive range of equipment. This area is well-stocked with racks, dumbbells, barbells, power racks, and specialized platforms for deadlifting. Alongside these, there are various resistance machines and a selection of Olympic Weights, typically found in higher-end fitness clubs. NYSC also includes functional training areas equipped with battle ropes and plyometrics equipment, offering a diverse range of options for every fitness level.

Swimming Pools

Exploring NYSC Gym: Does NYSC Gym Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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A standout feature of NYSC is its swimming pools, offering delightful depths for a holistic and low-impact workout experience. The pools, designed for both casual swimmers and those serious about lap swimming, add an exclusive touch to the club’s profile. While not available in every branch, these pools are a highlight in select clubs within the wider New York area. Some locations even boast outdoor swimming pool areas, providing a serene escape in the heart of the city, a characteristic feature of these elite clubs.

Tennis Courts at NYSC

Exploring NYSC Gym: Does NYSC Gym Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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NYSC, known as one of the Northeast’s biggest gym networks, offers more than just traditional gym facilities. Since its inception in 1973 as a local chain, NYSC has evolved into elite clubs with amenities like tennis courts, distinguishing itself in the fitness world. At locations like Murray Hill and Midtown 23, along with other Park gyms, NYSC members can enjoy not just tennis, but also racquetball and squash. These facilities offer both private and group lessons, allowing members and their guests to play a session with a fellow member or a trained coach, enhancing the overall club experience.

Certified Personal Trainers at NYSC

Exploring NYSC Gym: Does NYSC Gym Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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NYSC is not just about state-of-the-art fitness amenities; it’s about giving you a boost in your fitness journey on your own time. As a member, you can book a one-on-one session with a world-class, certified personal trainer. These trainers are not just experts in fitness; they use advanced InBody scanning technology to create a personalized fitness plan that is perfect for your individual needs and goals. This personalized approach ensures that each member receives tailored guidance and support to achieve their fitness aspirations.

Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

Exploring NYSC Gym: Does NYSC Gym Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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NYSC offers an impressive variety of unlimited group fitness classes with every membership. From Yoga to Zumba, dance cardio to ab training, and from Reformer Pilates to Mat Pilates, there’s a class for every interest. Members can also engage in conditioning exercises, cycling, and spin classes. Particularly notable are the SilverSneakers sessions, which contribute to a diverse and inclusive atmosphere. These classes are not only designed to help members push their limits in their fitness journey, but also to build a sense of community. With the basic membership, you can book your spot on the day of the class, while the high-end Elite membership allows you to reserve your place a week in advance. Whether you’re looking for Conditioning, Abs, Yoga, or Dance cardio, you’ll find a ton of great classes in the schedule at NYSC.

Saunas or Steam Rooms

At NYSC, the sauna and steam room experience is a notable highlight. Many, but not all, New York Sports Club locations offer this feature, providing a safe, comfortable environment that’s designed to facilitate total wellness. After a rigorous workout, members can bask in the relaxing sauna experience or try out the soothing steam room. These facilities are conveniently situated nearby the locker rooms, making it easy for private changing.

In addition to saunas and steam rooms, a few select clubs in the greater New York area boast outdoor pools, perfect for summer and a great option for the whole family. Alongside these, NYSC offers indoor pools for low-impact lap swimming and workouts. The selection of locations that feature saunas, steam rooms, and therapy pools ensures that members have more than just a gym – they have a comprehensive wellness destination.

Child Care at NYSC

New York Sports Club recognizes the needs of parents who are members, offering a convenient babysitting service at its clubs. With the option to sign up for a babysitting membership, parents can enjoy unlimited child care at a reasonable monthly price. Alternatively, there’s the flexibility to pay for babysitting only on the day it’s needed. This service caters to children aged 3 months to 10 years, who are supervised in a dedicated playroom by AED/CPR certified staff. For parents, this opportunity to work out while their kids are safely cared for is a total gamechanger.

How Much Does New York Sports Club Cost?

Determining the cost of a membership at New York Sports Club involves considering various options. When you sign up, you can choose between the Neighborhood membership, which gives access to one home club, and the broader Passport or Elite memberships, granting access to all NYSC locations. The Neighborhood membership typically costs around $24.99 per month for single club access at most locations. In contrast, the Passport and Elite memberships, which offer different perks, including access to exclusive Elite clubs (though there was a lawsuit regarding this), start from $69.99 to $79.99 per month.

Bear in mind, there’s usually an initiation fee of around $20 and an annual fee of $59.99. These estimates can change based on the location you choose to enroll at and the time of joining. It’s always a good idea to call your closest club for the most up-to-date deals and don’t hesitate to negotiate.

What Real People Are Saying (Reviews, Pros & Cons)

Reviews of New York Sports Club online reveal mixed results, echoing common themes in customer experiences.


Reviewers are fond of NYSC for its affordability, with basic membership costing about $15-20 per month at some locations, and even at $24.99 per month, it stands cheaper than most mid-range gyms with similar amenities. Members appreciate having access to indoor pools for lap swimming, which offers a low impact workout option. Additionally, some clubs feature steam rooms and saunas, perfect for relaxing after a tough workout. The trainers at New York Sports Club have garnered positive reviews for being knowledgeable and friendly.


However, reviewers have slammed New York Sports Clubs for poor maintenance. The facilities are often criticized for being dirty, and equipment frequently broken. Management receives rough reviews for ignoring requests to fix or replace broken equipment. If you join, be prepared to alter your workout when machines are out of order. Furthermore, customers have expressed frustration on platforms like Google and Yelp, complaining about the difficulties in cancellations, hidden fees, and the difficulty to cancel memberships. It’s a case of buyer beware. NYSC also faced a settlement over complaints regarding unfair pricing policies during the COVID-19 pandemic but has issued refunds to many customers.

Pricing– Affordable, around $15-20 per month. <br> – Even at $24.99/month, cheaper than similar gyms.– Faced a settlement over complaints regarding unfair pricing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Facilities– Access to indoor pools for lap swimming. <br> – Some clubs have steam rooms and saunas.– Poor maintenance. <br> – Facilities often dirty.
Equipment– N/A– Equipment frequently broken. <br> – Management ignores requests for repairs or replacements.
Staff– Trainers are knowledgeable and friendly.– N/A
Membership– N/A– Difficulties in cancellations and hidden fees. <br> – Issues with the difficulty to cancel memberships.
Customer Reviews– Positive reviews for affordability and amenities.– Negative reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp.

Alternatives to New York Sports Club

Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness logo

Planet Fitness stands out as one of the cheapest monthly gym memberships available. It’s a cheap place to work out, offering a clean and well-maintained environment at a lower cost than New York Sports Clubs. However, it’s not the ideal choice for those looking to lift heavy weights.

Gold’s Gym
Gold’s Gym

While Gold’s Gym shares some similarities with Planet Fitness, like being cost-effective and offering well-maintained facilities, it better accommodates those who wish to join for heavy weightlifting.


NYSC offers upfront memberships granting members-only access to a wide variety of fitness facilities, including a sauna and a steam room. These amenities allow members to bask in dry heat or a steamy environment, which can stimulate the lymphatic system and help muscles recover faster. For those interested in joining an NYSC club, especially one combined with the New York Athletic Club, it’s worthwhile to check out the neighborhood map to choose the perfect gym for your needs.


Which NYSC Locations Have a Sauna or Steam Room?

Exploring the NYSC locations, one common query is about their sauna and steam room facilities. The availability of these amenities tends to vary across different clubs. To know for sure, it’s recommended to confirm with your preferred location. The best way to check is to contact the club directly or visit the NYSC website and navigate to the desired club’s page for detailed information.

Does NYSC have steam room?

The NYSC locations are known for their comprehensive facilities, but when it comes to sauna and steam rooms, the availability can vary among clubs. It’s always a good idea to confirm this with the club at your preferred location. For convenience, you can contact them or visit the NYSC website and navigate to the specific club’s page to find out.

Are gym saunas safe?

When it comes to using a gym sauna, it’s generally seen as a way to relieve aches and pains, while supporting relaxation. The benefits are notable, but it can be unsafe for people with certain medical conditions. If you’ve ever heard about stepping into a hot sauna for a session, you know it’s about relaxing and detoxifying your body. But safety should always be the priority.

Who owns New York Sports Club?

NYSC, a familiar name in the fitness world, is part of the brands under Town Sports International. This group filed for bankruptcy in September 2020, and later emerged as a private company in December 2020 after being bought out of bankruptcy. The investors, including the chief among them, Peak Credit, and the investment bank Lepercq, de Neuflize, played a significant role in this transition.

How many locations does NYSC have?

Reflecting on the opportunity that NYSC represents, it’s fascinating to see how this popular sport of squash in New York among the masses has evolved and expanded. Now, NYSC boasts a network of over 150 clubs, serving half a million members across eight states and in two countries, including Switzerland.

How old is New York Sports Club?

New York Sports Club, fondly known as NYSC, has been a staple gym since 1973. This date marks the beginning of a legacy in the fitness world of New York.

What is the full name of NYSC?

The term NYSC stands for the National Youth Service Corps. This organization, symbolized by its distinct Vector Logo, was formed on 22 May 1973. As a Government Organisation, its purpose has been to foster national unity and cohesion. It’s headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria.


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