Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?

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Does GoodLife Fitness Have Sauna

Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?

GoodLife Fitness is the largest group of fitness clubs in Canada. They have 450 centers. People often ask if GoodLife Fitness has sauna and steam facilities. Yes, they do, but not at all places. Some locations have these. You need to subscribe to higher membership plans for this. These plans cost about $40 to $60 per month. If your local GoodLife Fitness center does not have a sauna or steam room, other gyms might. GoodLife Fitness offers many amenities. Each fitness club is different.

GoodLife Fitness Amenities

GoodLife Fitness is more than just a gym; it’s a place that caters to everyone. Open 24-hour, it’s perfect for those with busy schedules. Whether you’re a casual person just trying to stay active or a serious fitness enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. The range of amenities and facilities they offer is impressive. You can find everything from basic gym equipment to specialized fitness areas. This makes GoodLife Fitness a top choice for all kinds of gym-goers.

Gym Equipment:

Each center is equipped with spin bikes from Expresso, versatile in-house plates, and round dumbbells. You’ll find safety bars, trap bars, and bumper plates from Eleiko, ensuring a high-quality lifting experience. For those into cardio and resistance training, Hammer Strength and Life Fitness machines, including cable machines, lat pulldown machines, chest press machines, prone hamstring curl machines, and seated cable row machines, are available. These tools might seem intimidating at first, but they’re integral to an effective fitness routine.

Squat Racks:

Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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In the fitness club, you’ll likely find squat racks at your nearest GoodLife Fitness location. However, based on online reviews, these equipment pieces are often occupied, especially when the gym is most active with members.

Deadlift Platforms:

Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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Most centers include a couple of deadlift platforms. But during peak hours at the gym, you may find these platforms often occupied.


Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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For those seeking low-impact workouts, water fitness routines are ideal to work out without bruising your joints. GoodLife Fitness provides pools for aqua classes that help tone your muscles and burn calories. They offer specialized aqua training classes focusing on abdominal, cardiovascular, and muscle conditioning which can alleviate conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain syndromes.

Shower & Locker Rooms:

Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?

After a grueling workout, you can use the showers and locker rooms available at all GoodLife Fitness locations. Store your workout clothes in the locker room and take a quick shower before you head out.

Basketball Court:

Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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Larger GoodLife Fitness centers on large sites can accommodate basketball courts. However, not all centers have such large spaces. Smaller locations may feature squash courts accessible to premium members of the fitness club.


For parents with small kids, some GoodLife locations offer childcare facilities at select centers. It’s advised to check by calling or visiting the center near your home. The supervision staff takes care of kids aged 6 weeks to 12 years, so if you have older kids, considering hiring a nanny might be beneficial.

Tanning Beds:

Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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To maintain that beach body look, many GoodLife Fitness centers have tanning beds. You can subscribe to a membership plan that includes tanning beds, or pay extra for access as an addon in the months you need them.

Yoga Studios:

Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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For enhancing strength, stability, mobility, and alignment, Yoga studios at GoodLife Fitness centers offer a serene environment. The Yoga classes leave you feeling calm and centered. They provide various group yoga classes throughout the day at GoodLife Center. Access to these classes usually requires signing up for higher membership plans.

Smoothie Bars:

After a grueling workout session, you can treat yourself at the smoothie bar in most GoodLife Fitness centers. Here, you can buy beverages, water bottles, and protein bars starting at $5.

Massage Chairs:

Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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Massage chairs are spread throughout GoodLife Fitness centers, designed to reduce pressure on nerves by aligning the spine and improving posture. A quick 10 mins session in these chairs can help in losing sore muscles, improving blood pressure and circulation, and relieving stress.

Cardio Cinema Room:

Exploring GoodLife Fitness: Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, or Pool?
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Some GoodLife Fitness centers feature unique cardio cinema rooms where you can work out while watching something on the big screen.

How Much Does A GoodLife Fitness Membership Cost?

When you’re looking into joining GoodLife Fitness, understanding their membership plans is key. They offer three main types: Essential, Premium, and Ultimate. At different locations, you might find a Performance plan as an alternative to the Ultimate one. For instance, the Edmonton branch on Rabbit Hill Road and 23 Ave provides a good overview of these plans. Though they don’t have the Performance plan, I’ve gathered some information on it too. Each plan has its unique benefits, catering to diverse fitness needs and preferences of members.

Essential Membership

The Essential Membership at GoodLife Fitness is the gateway for fitness enthusiasts looking for an affordable option. Priced at $29.99 every two weeks, not including tax, this membership grants you access to essential fitness facilities. It includes access to the Edmonton Rabbit Hill Road and 23 Ave location, where you can use all the strength and cardio equipment. It’s a great start for those who prefer focused workouts. Also, as a member, you benefit from the GoodLife rewards program. This plan allows for some flexibility too. If needed, you can temporarily freeze your membership for a small monthly fee of $10, making it a practical choice for those with fluctuating schedules.

Premium Membership

The Premium Membership at GoodLife Fitness costs $31.99 every two weeks, not including tax. This plan is great because it’s like the Essential plan but better. You can use all the strength and cardio equipment and enjoy GoodLife rewards. Plus, you can go to any GoodLife gym in Canada. This is really good for people who move around a lot or like to change where they work out.

Ultimate Membership

The Ultimate plan costs $36.99 every two weeks, not including tax. This membership gives you Access to All Locations for a variety of workouts. It includes Group Fitness, Strength & Cardio Equipment, GoodLife Rewards, mindDEN for meditation, and facilities like Squash. It also allows Family Add-Ons and Free Membership Holds. Meditation sessions can range from 5 to 20 minutes.

Performance Membership

The Performance membership is priced at $54.99 every two weeks, excluding tax. It provides Access to All Locations, Group Fitness, Strength & Cardio Equipment, GoodLife Rewards, Hot Yoga, mindDEN, Squash, Family Add-Ons, and Free Membership Holds. This plan features Performance Programming, Empower HIIT, PEAK, REGYMEN, and The Field. These are high-intensity, group-focused fitness classes combining HIIT and strength training. You get performance feedback in real-time with Myzone heart rate monitors. CrossFit style classes are available without the heavy barbell work. Specialized classes like Zumba and Pilates are part of GoodLife memberships, but some may cost extra. It’s recommended to check with your location if you don’t want to pay separately for each class.

Joining Fees

There’s a joining fee of $50 for all membership plans at GoodLife Fitness.

GoodLife Rewards

GoodLife memberships come with rewards from participating businesses across Canada. Members can enjoy discounts on meals, hotel rooms, apparel, supplements, and more.

Corporate Memberships

Organizations in Canada can partner with GoodLife Fitness to offer up to 50% discounts on gym memberships for their employees. These corporate memberships include exclusive virtual workouts and on-site services like massages, meditation classes, and nutritional counseling.

Free Trials

GoodLife Fitness offers free trial passes for new members on its website. These are good for one visit, but sometimes GoodLife offers 2-week or 4-week free trials. It’s a good idea to call the location you’re interested in to check for any promotions on extended trial periods.

GoodLife Fitness Membership Cost

Is GoodLife Fitness Personal Training Worth It?

Deciding on a personal trainer at GoodLife depends on what you want and how you like to train. GoodLife Fitness has free trial passes on their website for new members. These are good for just one visit, but sometimes they offer 2-week or 4-week free trials. It’s a good idea to call the location you’re interested in and ask about longer trial periods.

If you’re thinking about cost, remember personal training sessions at GoodLife are extra. The trainers are grouped by their skills and education into tiers. This affects how much they cost. Prices start at $60/hour for level I, II, or III trainers, and can go up to $85/hour or more for level IV or V trainers. All trainers need to have passed courses from the GoodLife Personal Training Institute™ or Canfitpro™, the biggest place in Canada for fitness education. These courses are not too hard to pass and don’t require much extra study or training. So, the quality of trainers can vary a lot.

The lower-level trainers get just a small part of the money they earn. This might mean they don’t work as hard, especially if they feel they’re not being paid much. When you join a GoodLife personal training package, you have to stick with it for at least six months. But many people, especially beginners, learn enough to train by themselves in about three months. If you cancel your training contract early, you have to pay a fee, and you won’t get back any money for sessions you didn’t use.

I think it might be better to skip personal training sessions at GoodLife. If you need help, you could work out with a friend, watch YouTube videos to learn how to do exercises right, or use free training plans you find online.

Alternatives to GoodLife Fitness

If you’re looking for a gym and GoodLife Fitness doesn’t seem like the right gym for you, don’t worry. In Canada, GoodLife Fitness is a very popular chain gym, but there are other options too. Different gyms offer different vibes and amenities, so it’s all about finding the one that fits your needs and preferences. Each gym has its unique atmosphere and community, so exploring a few different ones might help you find your perfect fitness spot. Remember, the right gym for you is the one where you feel most comfortable and motivated.

Gold’s Gym:

Known for its amenities similar to those at GoodLife Fitness, Gold’s Gym is a great alternative. While it may not be as popular in Canada, it’s definitely worth checking out. You’ll find a range of equipment and group classes that cater to a diverse clientele, much like GoodLife Fitness.

LA Fitness:

Another comparable option is LA Fitness, offering similar amenities to GoodLife Fitness. It’s not a 24-hour gym, but it’s open early in the morning and late in the evening. An LA Fitness membership might be more in line with your budget, being cheaper than GoodLife Fitness.

Anytime Fitness:

If you’re looking for something smaller than GoodLife, Anytime Fitness is a great choice. It offers less expensive options and is available 24 hours a day. The gyms are smaller, which can be a good option for beginners or people who don’t need a ton of machines or equipment.


In summary, when considering Goodlife Fitness for your fitness journey, their amenities play a significant role. Known for offering both workout and relaxation facilities, Goodlife Fitness includes sauna and steam rooms in many of their locations. These facilities provide a soothing and rejuvenating experience, perfect after an intense workout or just to unwind from a long day. However, not all centers have these same facilities. It’s a good idea to visit their website, contact your local club, and inquire about the availability of sauna and steam rooms at your preferred club. Also, remember to follow their rules and guidelines for usage, and always drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Choosing a gym that fits your needs can make your exercise routine more enjoyable and rewarding.
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How Do GoodLife’s Steam Rooms Compare to Saunas?

At GoodLife Fitness, the choice between steam rooms and saunas depends on your preference for a moist heat environment or a dry heat environment. Steam rooms offer high humidity which can aid in respiratory function, circulation, and provide relief from congestion or allergy symptoms. Saunas, with their lower humidity levels, are excellent for muscle stiffness, joint pain, detoxification, and can boost the immune system. Both settings are great to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and relieve stress.

How to Find a GoodLife Fitness Location With Both Steam Rooms & Saunas?

Finding a GoodLife Fitness location with both steam rooms and saunas is straightforward. Check the club’s website and use the ‘Club Amenities’ filter while searching to identify facilities that meet your preferences, helping you make an informed decision.

Pet Policy: Can You Bring Your Dog To Workout?

While dogs are not allowed at GoodLife Fitness, exceptions are made for those with a disability, accompanied by a guide or service dog. In such cases, you may need to provide a doctor’s note or a certificate of training to access the gym with your service animal.

Are GoodLife Fitness Memberships Transferrable?

GoodLife Fitness members can no longer transfer their memberships, as this option was stopped being offered several years ago.

Does A GoodLife Fitness Membership Work Anywhere?

With a basic membership plan, you can work out at the location you initially signed up. However, other membership plans allow you to visit any location.

Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Yoga Studio?

Yes, GoodLife Fitness features yoga studios offering various classes like Vinyasa, Yin/Yang, Power yoga, and even meditation sessions throughout the day.

Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Smoothie Bar?

Enjoy a post-workout smoothie for around $5 at the smoothie bar in GoodLife Fitness, along with options like protein bars, bottles of water, and sports beverages.

Does GoodLife Fitness Have Massage Chairs?

HydroMassage chairs are available at most GoodLife Fitness locations, offering a relaxing experience post-workout.

Does GoodLife Fitness Have a Pool?

Many GoodLife Fitness locations feature pools where you can swim or participate in aqua classes.

Can My Child Work Out at GoodLife Fitness?

Children who are at least 12 years old can work out at GoodLife Fitness with a parent or guardian’s consent. Minors under 18 must complete the Youth Starter program at no extra charge, which teaches gym etiquette and safe equipment use. During the summer, teens between ages 12 and 17 have free access to virtual classes. Additionally, children with a membership can opt to freeze their in-club membership for the summer.

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