Exploring Eōs Gyms: Does Eōs Gyms Have A Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, Or Pool?

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Eōs Gyms With Saunas

Exploring Eōs Gyms: Does Eōs Gyms Have A Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, Or Pool?

EōS Gyms have saunas. People who like exercising go there. Saunas are good for health. They help you feel good after a gym session. You can relax and enjoy in the sauna. It helps after exercising. It makes you feel calm.

I went to the Gilbert gym. It was near. I liked the sauna there. It was good for unwinding. It helps your body after exercising. It is good for your health. It makes you strong. It is good for your endurance. Going to EōS Gyms is a nice experience. It makes your exercise level better.

Why You Need The Sauna Post-workout

After a hard workout, a sauna is great. At EōS GYMS, especially near Gilbert, it’s a special experience. I go to the gym a lot and like using the sauna after. It makes me feel strong and helps me relax.

When you exercise, your heart works harder, moving more blood. This happens a lot when you push yourself at the fitness center. In the sauna, it’s very warm, sometimes 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This warmth makes your skin feel new.

The warmth in the sauna is good for your muscles. It helps them get more blood and get better after being used a lot. You’re not just sitting; your body gets rid of bad stuff because of the heat. So, after working out hard, the sauna makes you feel relaxed and revitalized.

It’s not just for health benefits; it’s fun to relax and feel good about your hard work. You can stay for 15 minutes or longer. Each time you go to the sauna at EōS GYMS, it adds to your fitness journey. So, remember to go to the sauna after a hard workout. It’s an important part of taking care of your body and mind.

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Benefits Of Saunas

In my experience, the sauna at a gym like EōS GYMS, is more than just a place to sit; it’s a space of health benefits. After a post-workout session, stepping into the sauna feels like a hug for your muscles, providing relief and alleviating muscle soreness. It’s not just about relaxing your body but also about supporting a calm mood. Regular visits to the sauna can reduce the frequency of colds, promoting healthy skin and improved sleep. For those dealing with issues like arthritis, asthma, or chronic fatigue, the warmth of the sauna’s walls offers a comforting escape. It’s a hidden gem in the fitness journey, transforming the simple act of sitting in a warm room into a healing and rejuvenating experience.

Tips For Visiting A Gym With A Sauna

Adding a sauna to your gym routine can really boost your fitness center experience. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when visiting a gym with a sauna:

Check In With The Doctor

Before stepping into a sauna, always check with your doctor. This is crucial, especially if you have medical conditions that could be affected by using a sauna. For new sauna users or people with issues like high blood pressure, it’s often advised against going. It’s a good idea to get a green light from a healthcare professional.

Rehydrate, Rehydrate, Rehydrate!

When you step out of the sauna, it’s essential to drink two to four glasses of cool water. Since the sauna causes you to sweat, rehydrating your body afterward is key to keep electrolytes in balance.

Limit Your Sauna Time

Even if you’ve opted for a low-impact workout, sitting in the sauna for an extended time can make you lose excess water weight. It’s recommended to sit in the sauna generally between 15 to 20 minutes. Avoid staying in the steam too long to ensure proper hydration and avoid overheating and dehydration.

Research Gyms With Saunas In Gilbert

If you’re considering a gym with a sauna, do your research beforehand. If you intend on using it often, ensure you have access during busy times of the day. You might need to alter your workout schedule to avoid peak hours. Investigate if other users follow proper hygiene procedures. Fortunately, many gyms let you get a picture of what to expect during a trial experience.

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Find A Gym With A Sauna That’s Worth It

When doing your research, note if the use of the sauna is included in the membership price or if you have to pay extra for access. Some gyms, like EōS Fitness, provide this benefit even at an entry-level tier. They offer top-of-the-line equipment, countless resources for your workout days, making it feeling worth it. Look for a gym with a wide range of exercise options and special areas like the Yard®, Turf, and Functional Training Area, adding a ton of value to your fitness journey.

Other Benefits Of Eōs Gilbert Gyms With Saunas

Apart from the sauna, EōS Fitness in Gilbert offers a full suite of amenities that make every gym experience unique. When you sign up to EōS, you get to enjoy an array of benefits that keep you coming back. Beyond the perks of working out, there’s more to explore here. They provide Personal Training sessions with expert Trainers and Group Fitness Classes featuring dozens of different workouts. The gym boasts state-of-the-art strength training and cardio equipment, ensuring a comprehensive fitness experience. For a different kind of workout, there’s MOVEōS Cinema, combining an entertaining approach to indoor exercise. After intense cardio workouts, the pool is perfect to cool off. Plus, there’s Access to the Kids’ Club for your little ones while you focus on your fitness goals. All these facilities collectively raise the level of your gym-going experience.

Find A Gym With Sauna Near You

If you’re in Gilbert looking for gyms that offers a sauna among other amenities, then EōS Fitness is worth checking out. Find an EōS Fitness near you and be sure to take full advantage of your membership. When you visit one of their locations, you can receive a 7-Day Free Trial. This is a great opportunity to see firsthand the benefit of having a sauna available at your gym. The trial lets you experience not just the sauna, but also the comprehensive range of facilities EōS Fitness offers.

Other Eōs Fitness Amenities

EōS Fitness isn’t just a gym; it’s a place where serious athletes and people seeking a healthy lifestyle or a positive change can find something just right for them. This fitness center packs tons of amazing amenities. Beyond the sauna, they have indoor lap pools, perfect for swimmers of any experience level. Their MOVEōS Cinemas combine entertainment with exercise, making workouts fun. For those into strength and conditioning, there are turf functional training areas equipped with a plethora of tools and the latest equipment. And of course, the Group classes, because a shared workout experience can be incredibly motivating. EōS Fitness offers a wide variety of options to suit every fitness journey.

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Cutting-edge Strength Equipment

For the serious fitness enthusiast, there’s a range of weight options from free weights to lbs. The latest strength training equipment includes power lifting stations. It’s the place to show what you’ve got!

Huge Variety Of Cardio

Keep your heart pumping and stay motivated with an assortment of cardio machines. From treadmills with individual TVs to ellipticals, stair climbers, rowers, cross trainers, and bikes, they have it all!

The Eōs Yard®: Turf Functional Training Area

Kick your functional training up a notch. Change-up your workout with sled pushes, battle ropes, and box jumps. The EōS Yard® is a creative rig for speed and strength.

Group Fitness Classes

Exploring Eōs Gyms: Does Eōs Gyms Have A Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, Or Pool?
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Mix up your workout routine with over 60 group fitness classes each week, designed for maximum results and fun.

Group Cycling Classes

Exploring Eōs Gyms: Does Eōs Gyms Have A Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, Or Pool?
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Clip-in and go in the cycle studios. The high-energy atmosphere is equipped with big screens and mood lighting to set the tone for your ride.

Serenity Studio

For quiet time or to zone out during your work out, slip into the fully-equipped Serenity Studio at select clubs. It’s you-time during your FIT time.

The Boardroom: Basketball Court

Hone your hoops skills with a one-on-one or pickup game in the indoor basketball court.

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MovEōs Cinema

Laugh, cry, but most importantly, sweat. Get your cardio entertainment fix in the exclusive MOVEōS Cinema room, equipped with a big screen and surround sound. Save the popcorn for after your workout.

The Back Yard: Outdoor Workout Area

Meet out back in the outdoor workout space. With the sky as the limit (pun fully intended), it’s a fresh way to exercise.


Exploring Eōs Gyms: Does Eōs Gyms Have A Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, Or Pool?
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Whether you’re wanting a low-impact workout or just looking to cool off, the indoor lap pools are the place to be.

Hot Tub

Exploring Eōs Gyms: Does Eōs Gyms Have A Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, Or Pool?
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After a strenuous workout, sink into the hot tub to ease sore muscles. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the water and targeted jets.

Steam Room

Exploring Eōs Gyms: Does Eōs Gyms Have A Sauna, Steam Room Spa, Hot Tub, Or Pool?

The steam room not only helps purify your body but also improves circulation, making it perfect for those looking to aid recovery or simply relax.


Recovery is a key component to achieve fitness goals. Give your body the TLC it deserves with water-based massage beds.

Towel Service

After a sweat-inducing workout, add towel service to your routine for limitless soft, fluffy, clean towels. EōS Towel Service dispensers are convenient.

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Personal Training

Get hands-on, customized assistance in achieving your goals with Certified Personal Trainers.

Fun House: Kids’ Club

EōS is fun for kids too! With games, activities, jungle gyms, mini basketball courts, and movie theaters, the Kids’ Clubs are great for little ones from ages months to years. Accepted ages may vary by location.

Eos Fitness membership Fee

EoS offers different membership options: gray, blue, and black. Each has an initiation fee of around $129. The monthly fees vary: $9.99 for gray, $20 to $21.99 for blue, and $24.99 for black. The basic plan includes access to locker rooms, showers, cardio, and weight training equipment. All members can join group fitness classes. With higher-tier plans, you get more facilities and privileges, like bringing a buddy or using the sauna and steam room. I recommend enquiring at your nearest EoS Fitness center to find the best option for you.

How To Sign Up For Eos Fitness

To sign up for EoS Fitness, visit the official EoS Fitness website. It will automatically pick your location and show the gym nearest to you below. You’ll see a “Go to Gym Page” option; select this to go to the page of that specific gym. There, you can find the address and phone number for more information or direct inquiries about signing up.

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EoS Fitness stands as a reliable choice to support a healthy lifestyle. Its facilities offer numerous opportunities to boost physical performance and reduce stress. With sauna and steam rooms, members enjoy a comprehensive wellness experience. This community provides access to an array of fitness options that enhance workouts. From group classes to personal training, and strength and cardio equipment, there are ample resources to meet diverse objectives. For relaxation techniques, incorporate them into your routine as an alternative to deep stretching, meditation, or yoga. These elements help unwind and improve well-being. In summary, EoS Fitness contributes significantly to your health journey, offering services and amenities that optimize goals and help achieve a balance for a thriving life.


Operating Hours For Eos Fitness Sauna & Steam Rooms

The operating hours for the sauna and steam rooms at EoS Fitness can vary by location. It’s best to check with your local club for the exact schedule. Typically, these facilities are available during regular club hours, giving you the opportunity to incorporate them into your fitness routine.

What Do You Wear To A Sauna At Eos?

When visiting the sauna at EoS Fitness, expect to sweat and dress accordingly. It’s most comfortable to wear what most folks are seen in on the gym floor, like athletic sportswear. It’s recommended to avoid items like jeans, coats, or heavy clothing.

Differences Between IR and Sauna

The IR cabin and a traditional Sauna differ significantly in a few aspects:

  • Temperature: An IR cabin typically operates at a lower temperature, around 30-50° Celsius, whereas a Sauna can reach 70-110° Celsius.
  • Resting Time: In an IR cabin, you might rest for about 20-30 minutes after a session. In contrast, a sauna round shouldn’t exceed max 60 minutes.
  • Bathing Sessions: For an IR cabin, 1-2 sessions are usually sufficient, while in a Sauna, you might take up to 3 sessions.
  • Necessary Rest Period: After using an IR cabin, a rest period of 20-60 minutes is advised, while for a Sauna, it’s recommended to rest for at least 2 hours, especially if doing 3 rounds.

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