Exploring 24 Hour Fitness Sauna: Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room, Hot Tub, or Pool?

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24 Hour Fitness sauna is a gym network. These gyms are open all the time. This means people can go to the gym whenever they want, day or night. They have many kinds of things to use at the gym. Some gyms have saunas, pools, jacuzzis, and steam rooms. People can join the gym for a low price. This price changes based on where the gym is and what kind of membership you choose. They have different types like Gold, National, Platinum, and Silver.

The gyms have lots of different equipment and classes. People can do cardio or strength training. If someone wants more, they can get a better membership. These memberships have extra things like towel service, basketball courts, and more classes. 24 Hour Fitness is good for people who are new to working out and those who have been doing it for a long time.

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What is 24 Hour Fitness?

What is 24 Hour Fitness? It is a gym chain that is always open. People can go there any time, day or night. There are over 400 gyms across the US. It’s easy to find one near you. Saunapeace tells you how much it costs to join.

24 Hour Fitness offers many services and things to use. They have machines for cardio and weights. They also have classes like yoga and spinning. You can get personal training or coaching. After working out, there are places to relax like pools and hot tubs. The gym keeps getting better with new technology and ways to train. It is always open and a great place for people who love to stay fit.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Sauna?

At 24 Hour Fitness, saunas are great for members. But, each gym is different. Some gyms have big, nice saunas. Others have smaller ones.

If you want to use a sauna, call the 24 Hour Fitness gym near you. Ask if they have a sauna and if it’s open. Sometimes, the sauna hours are not the same as the gym hours. Also, the gym’s website might not have this information. So, calling the gym can be very helpful.

To sum up, 24 Hour Fitness has saunas at many places. But, each gym is different. Always call your local gym to get the latest information.

Are 24 Hour Fitness Saunas Open Now?

After closing for a while in 2020, 24 Hour Fitness is doing well again. By early 2022, most of their gyms were open like before. This is a big comeback. They have saunas again in many gyms. This is great news for members who like using saunas for relaxing and health.


24 Hour Fitness has grown too. More than 100 locations are open again. These gyms are open all the time, 24 hours a day. They include saunas too. This shows that 24 Hour Fitness is strong and cares about its members. They keep offering great gyms that are open any time.

Understanding Sauna Etiquette at 24 Hour Fitness

At 24 Hour Fitness, understanding sauna rules is easy. On their website, they have a long FAQ section. It has lots of details about rules and what to do. They know each gym might have different rules. So, they give information for each place.

From what I know, these rules make the sauna better for everyone. They are about being clean and how to act around others. The website tells you clearly what to do and not do. It’s a good idea to read these rules. This way, everyone can enjoy the sauna and be respectful to others.

Here’s What 24 Hour Fitness Says About Their Sauna Rules:

When you use the Sauna and Steam Room at 24 Hour Fitness, remember some important rules. Wear the right clothes. You can wear swim clothes or gym clothes. They have rules that are easy to understand and follow.

Members should wear clothes that are okay for a public sauna. Also, bring an extra towel to sit on. Before you go into the sauna, take a shower. This is for being clean and for respecting others using the sauna. You can’t eat or drink in the sauna. This keeps it clean and peaceful. Lastly, be careful about how much space you take. This helps everyone feel comfortable.

24 Hour Fitness Sauna Hours

24 Hour Fitness has many things for members, like a sauna. The sauna is not open all the time like the gym. It has special hours. This is to keep the sauna in good shape and ready for when most people want to use it.

From what I know, the sauna hours work well for most people. From Monday to Friday, it’s open from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. This is great for people who like to go early or after work. On Saturday and Sunday, it opens at 6:00 AM but closes at 8:00 PM. These hours let members use the sauna a lot. They also give time for cleaning and taking care of the sauna.

What Do You Wear in a Sauna at 24 Hour Fitness?

On the 24 Hour Fitness website, they tell members what to wear in the sauna. The right clothes are important for being comfortable and safe. You can wear things good for swimming and working out. This fits with their sauna’s different uses. Swimsuits, workout shorts, sports bras, and cotton shirts are all okay.

24 hour fitness suana

From my experience, clothes that take away sweat are best. This keeps the sauna clean and safe. Remember, the sauna is a place everyone uses together. So, it’s key to think about cleanliness and comfort. Don’t wear heavy pants. Choose light, airy fabrics instead. This makes your time in the sauna better. You stay cool and comfy the whole time.

Is There a 24 Hour Fitness with a Sauna Near Me?

If you want to know if there’s a 24 Hour Fitness with a sauna near you, it depends on where you are in the United States. 24 Hour Fitness has over 300 locations in states like California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and Virginia. You can usually find these gyms in big cities, which makes it easy for many people to get to them.

But, in states like New Jersey and New York, there are no 24 Hour Fitness centers. So, if you are in these states, you might need to find a different gym. 24 Hour Fitness is in many places, but not in every state. If you live in or are visiting a state with 24 Hour Fitness clubs, you can easily find a gym with a sauna. Just look on their website or call the gym that’s closest to you.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Steam Room?

24 Hour Fitness does have steam rooms, but only at some locations. Not all of their gyms have this feature. As someone who likes using heat to relax after a hard workout, I think their steam rooms are great. They add to the many classes and personal training options at 24 Hour Fitness. These are all there to help you reach your fitness goals.

If you want to know if the 24 Hour Fitness near you has a steam room, sauna, or hot tub, just call them. These things help relax muscles and make your gym time better. With the gym open all the time, you can exercise and relax when it suits you. This makes 24 Hour Fitness a good choice for staying in shape. They have lots of equipment and different things to use. This means they have something for every step of your fitness journey.

Are 24 Hour Fitness Steam Rooms Open Now?

After the tough year 2020, people wanted to know about 24 Hour Fitness and their steam rooms. The great news is that by early 2022, most of their locations were open again, including the steam rooms. They are ready for members to use. This is part of what 24 Hour Fitness is known for – being open all the time and having lots of things for members to use. They have over 100 clubs across the country. Now, members can enjoy everything again, including the steam rooms. These rooms add a relaxing part to working out.

24 Hour Fitness Steam Room Rules

Knowing the rules for the steam room at 24 Hour Fitness is important. It helps everyone have a nice time. Each gym might have its own rules, but some things are the same everywhere. You need to wear the right clothes. This means swim clothes or gym clothes. Remember, the steam room is for everyone to share.

Bring two towels. Use one to sit on and one for drying after you shower. It’s good to shower before you go into the steam room. Don’t eat or drink in there. Also, be careful about how much space you take. These rules keep the room clean and make sure everyone can relax. For more rules, check the 24 Hour Fitness website. They have FAQs and guidelines about using the steam room and other things at the gym.

24 Hour Fitness Steam Room Hours

If you like using the steam room at 24 Hour Fitness, remember that the hours are different from the gym hours. The steam room is open during set hours. From Monday to Friday, it’s open from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. On Saturday and Sunday, it’s open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

These hours let members use the steam room when it’s best for them. You can go early in the morning or in the evening. It’s always smart to call your local 24 Hour Fitness to check the exact hours for the steam room.

What to Wear in a Steam Room at 24 Hour Fitness?

At 24 Hour Fitness, when you go to the steam room, you should wear the right clothes. The gym’s website says to wear clothes good for swimming or working out. In the steam room, swimsuits, workout shorts, and sports bras are okay. Don’t wear pants or heavy cotton shirts. They don’t take sweat away well. Your clothes should be light and comfy so you don’t get too hot.

Wearing these clothes is not just for you to be comfy. It also keeps the steam room clean and safe for everyone. Remember, the steam room at 24 Hour Fitness is for relaxing and recovering. So, the right clothes can make your time there much better.

Is There a 24 Hour Fitness with a Steam Room Near Me?

To find a 24 Hour Fitness with a steam room, it depends on where you are in the US. They have over 300 places. You can find them in big cities in states like Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Virginia. But in some states, like New Jersey and New York, there are no 24 Hour Fitness gyms.

The best way to see if there’s a gym with a steam room near you is to check the 24 Hour Fitness website or app. They tell you what each gym has. This makes it easy to find a gym with a steam room.

Alternatives to 24 Hour Fitness with a Sauna?

If you want a gym with a sauna and not just 24 Hour Fitness, there are other choices. Equinox and Life Time Fitness are fancy gyms. They have saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, pools, spas, and expert trainers. If you want something cheaper, try the YMCA. They have lots of gyms and a friendly feel. Also, small independent gyms can be great. They often have a more personal touch.

Try different gyms. Many let you try them for a day or for a short time. This way, you can find the best gym for you.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have an Infrared Sauna or Red Light Therapy?

24 Hour Fitness does not have infrared saunas or red light therapy right now. They focus on traditional saunas, steam rooms, and lots of equipment and classes. They help members with their fitness goals in other ways.

If you really want to try infrared saunas or red light therapy, look for other gyms or wellness centers. They might have these things. Maybe 24 Hour Fitness will add these services in the future. But for now, they are all about traditional fitness and wellness methods.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Pool?

If you like swimming or want to cool off after working out, you might wonder if 24 Hour Fitness has a pool. Pools are great for low-impact exercise. They help build strength, are good for your heart, and can make you feel less stressed. But, not all 24 Hour Fitness locations have a pool. It’s not something they have everywhere like their gyms or group classes.

To swim at 24 Hour Fitness, check with the gym near you. Some places do have a lap pool. A few might even have extra things like hot tubs or jacuzzis. If you really want a pool in your gym, look for a 24 Hour Fitness that has one.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Spa?

If you’re looking for a gym with a spa, 24 Hour Fitness might not be the best choice. They have lots of workout options, but usually, they don’t have spa things. If a spa is important for your gym time, you might want to look at other gyms.

Gyms like Equinox, Life Time, Gold’s Gym, Crunch Fitness, and David Barton Gym often have spa-like things. These gyms might cost more. It’s a good idea to look at different gyms. Find out what they have and read what other people say about them. Each gym offers different things for working out and relaxing. Exploring these gyms can help you find the right balance for your fitness needs.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Jacuzzi or a Hot Tub?

If you’re looking for a jacuzzi or hot tub to relax in after working out, 24 Hour Fitness might not have what you need. They usually don’t have these things at their gyms. If a hot tub or jacuzzi is important to you, you might need to look at other gyms.

Gyms like LA Fitness, Equinox, Life Time, Gold’s Gym, and Anytime Fitness often have hot tubs or jacuzzis. These gyms might cost more. If you want this in your gym, it’s good to look around. Find out what different gyms offer and see what other people say about them. Think about the cost and how much you want to relax in a hot tub after exercising. This can help you choose the right gym for you.

Amenities at 24 Hour Fitness – What Amenities Do They Have?

At 24 Hour Fitness, members have access to various amenities, making their gym experience versatile and enjoyable. Here’s a breakdown of what they offer:

State-of-the-art Fitness Equipment

At 24 Hour Fitness, they have modern state-of-the-art fitness equipment. This is great for members who like different kinds of workouts. They have machines for cardio, free weights, and machines for resistance. This means lots of choices for how you want to exercise. Their equipment is good for all kinds of people who work out, from beginners to those who are very fit. The gym makes sure their equipment is new and works well. This makes 24 Hour Fitness a good gym for people who care about having good quality and many kinds of equipment for their fitness.

Sauna & Steam Rooms

At 24 Hour Fitness, having a sauna and steam rooms in the gym is really helpful. Members save time and money. They don’t have to go somewhere else or pay more to use these. After working out hard, you can relax and help your body feel better. These places are part of the gold and platinum memberships. They are like a quiet place for relaxing and getting better after exercise. The sauna and steam rooms are always clean and taken care of. But remember, they are not open all the time. They are open most of the time, though. Having these rooms at the gym is a big plus. It makes going to 24 Hour Fitness even better.

Virtual Training

24 Hour Fitness is now doing Virtual Training. This is great for people who can’t go to the gym or like to work out at home. They offer virtual personal training with expert coaches. These programs are made just for you, to help you meet your fitness goals.

You can also join virtual group classes every week. They have different workouts like Zumba, body combat, and body slimming. These workouts are made to be fun and keep you wanting to do more. To find out what classes they have, just look at the 24 Hour Fitness website or app. There, you can see the schedule and learn more about their virtual training.

Swimming Pools

At 24 Hour Fitness, the pools are for everyone, not just regular swimmers. They have fun workouts like water Zumba in the pool. These are good for your heart and muscles. The workouts are in groups, which makes them a fun way to exercise.

The pools are open almost all the time, 24 hours on most days. But they usually only have 3 lanes. During busy times, it might be hard to find space. If you go when it’s not busy, even a really good swimmer can have a nice, quiet swim. The pools at 24 Hour Fitness are not very deep. They go down to 5 feet at the most. This makes it safe for all kinds of water exercises and training.

Basketball Court

At many big places, 24-Hour Fitness has basketball courts. These are good for people who play just for fun and those who play seriously. The courts are usually not staffed. You need to book ahead of time to use them, especially when they’re only open for a short time.

The hours for using the courts change. It’s a good idea to check these times and plan your visit. If you like playing racquetball, some 24-Hour Fitness gyms have this too. When you play basketball, you must wear basketball shoes. Shoes with black soles or regular street shoes are not okay. You can’t go barefoot or wear shoes from the regular workout area. This rule is to keep the courts in good shape and safe for everyone.

At Cycle Classes

Join the cycle classes at 24 Hour Fitness for a special kind of workout. These classes feel like you’re cycling outside but you’re inside the gym. Expert instructors lead the classes. They help and guide you, and they play energizing music to make it fun.

In these classes, you’ll cycle like you’re on flat ground, going up hills, and doing really intense bursts of exercise. This is great for your heart. The classes use things like fake tailwinds and headwinds. This makes it feel like you’re really cycling outside. Every class is different and helps you get fit in a fun and exciting way.

Olympic Training Rig

24-Hour Fitness gyms have Olympic training rigs that meet very high standards. They use Eleiko brand weights and equipment. Eleiko is known for being really good quality and is used by both professional athletes and people who just love to work out.

This area is perfect for people who are serious about training hard. The rigs are a special place where members can use the same kind of equipment you would find in professional Olympic training places. This gives members a really great workout experience.

Suspension Training

At 24 Hour Fitness, they have suspension training. This training is very good for making you stronger, helping with balance, making you more flexible, and making your core muscles stronger, all at the same time. It uses straps and your own body weight. This makes it a tough but effective way to exercise.

The gym has this training because it’s good for people at all fitness levels. It’s a workout that changes a lot and is always challenging. Suspension training at 24 Hour Fitness is great for people who want to get fit in a fun and different way. It really helps with your overall fitness.

Turf Zone

The Turf Zone at 24 Hour Fitness is a special area for bodyweight exercises and tough training. It’s different from normal workout spaces in gyms. This zone is set up for harder and more active routines. It’s safer for things like lifting weights and stretching.

The turf is soft on your joints. Experts watch over you, so you don’t have to worry about doing exercises the wrong way. This Turf Zone is part of the 24 Hour Fitness membership. You don’t pay extra for it. It makes working out at the gym even better.

Kids’ Club

For parents who want to exercise and not worry about their kids, 24 Hour Fitness has a great answer. They have a Kids’ Club at many places. You can leave your kids there to play and have fun. They will be safe while you work out.

Having a Kids’ Club makes 24 Hour Fitness even better. Parents can exercise, relax, and have a good time. They know their kids are safe and happy. There are lots of different things to do at the gym. You can find something you like to do. This makes going to the gym fun for the whole family.

Is 24 Hour Fitness Personal Training Worth It?

At the Ramsey, NJ 24 Hour Fitness, personal training is both fun and hard. The cost starts at about $85 to $97.50 for each hour. This might be a lot for some people. But when you buy four 50-minute sessions together, it’s a better deal. You can choose to buy more sessions every month. Buying just one set of sessions can really help start your fitness plan. Buying sessions every month gives you more help and support.

New people at 24 Hour Fitness often get free training sessions. When you sign up, they talk with you about your fitness. This can cost a lot and take time. But the trainers are not just trying to sell things. They really want to help you meet your fitness goals. Most of them studied things like kinesiology or exercise science. They also have certificates from places like NASM or ACE.

I have seen how they train people with different backgrounds. It’s usually a very good experience. I tell people who have a clear fitness goal and money to spend on their health to try this.

Is 24 Hour Fitness Worth it? A Breakdown of Membership Prices

24 Hour Fitness is a well-known gym, but is it worth the money? Let’s look at the Membership Prices. You can pay for your membership every year or every month. The cost depends on what kind of membership you pick. Prices go from $9.99 to $39.99. The cheapest plan is the Silver plan.

24 Hour Fitness is interesting because it has things like saunas. These are usually not too expensive, especially compared to big gyms like LA Fitness and Equinox. They have many kinds of memberships. Some are simple, and others have extra good things.

I have seen what they offer and how much it costs. I think 24 Hour Fitness is a good choice. It’s especially good if you want more than just a normal gym.

24 Hour Fitness Locations

24 Hour Fitness is different from other gyms because it has a lot of locations. They have over 400 clubs all over the country. This means you will likely find one close to you. It’s easy to keep working out, no matter where you are. Being able to go to a gym easily is very important for staying with your fitness plan.

For me, having a 24 Hour Fitness close by has made a big difference. I can always find a gym, whether I’m at home or on a trip. This helps me stay on track with my fitness goals.

Open Round The Clock

A big plus of 24 Hour Fitness is that it’s open all the time, 24 hours a day. You can work out early in the morning, late at night, or any time you want. Not many gyms are open like this. It’s really helpful for people who are busy or have schedules that change a lot.

For me, being able to go to 24 Hour Fitness any time has been great. I can do cardio before the sun comes up or lift weights late at night. The gym is always open. This has helped me a lot with staying fit.


Is 24 Hour Fitness worth it? Yes, it is. The gym has good prices for joining. They have many kinds of equipment and services. They are open all the time, 24 hours a day. They have gyms all over the country, so it’s easy to find one. You can pick a membership that fits what you need for fitness and what you can afford. I have used their saunas and other things at the gym. I can say that 24 Hour Fitness is good quality and gives you a lot for what you pay.


Are 24-Hour Fitness Saunas Co-ed? Understanding Local Policies

When you think about 24 Hour Fitness and its saunas, it’s good to know if they are for both men and women together or not. Each gym might have different rules for this. They do this to make sure everyone has a nice time. It’s very important to follow the rules at your gym.

I have been to many 24 Hour Fitness gyms. I have seen that their sauna rules are not all the same. Some gyms have separate saunas for men and women. Others have saunas where both can go at the same time. Always ask at your gym to know their rules. This helps you have a good time in the sauna.

What Do You Wear to a 24-Hour Fitness Sauna?

In a sauna at 24 Hour Fitness, you should wear light clothes. A swimsuit or gym shorts are good choices. Also, bring a towel to sit on. This is a place everyone uses together. So, it’s good to think about what you wear. This helps everyone feel okay. Also, take off any jewelry or metals. They can get hot and make you uncomfortable. Always drink water before and after you go in the sauna. This keeps you safe and comfy.

I have been to the sauna at 24 Hour Fitness many times. I have seen that these simple rules make it better for you and for others too. Everyone can enjoy the sauna when we all follow these rules.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Squat Racks?

At 24 Hour Fitness, like the one in Ramsey, NJ, they have good equipment for lifting weights. You will find three squat racks there, including a power cage. They usually put these in a separate part of the gym. Different gyms have different numbers of squat racks. But most places have at least four.

I have been to many 24 Hour Fitness gyms. I have always found that they have enough squat racks and they are good quality. This has been a big help in my workouts, especially for getting stronger.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Deadlift Platforms?

Yes, 24 Hour Fitness has places for deadlifts. They are often part of the squat racks. This setup uses the space well and gives you a good place for different kinds of strength training.

In my time at 24 Hour Fitness, I have found these deadlift areas really helpful. They give me a safe and special place to do heavy lifting. This has made my weightlifting routine better.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Showers and Locker Rooms?

24 Hour Fitness really knows what people who like to work out need. They have showers and locker rooms with everything you need. They have towels and basic things like soap. But you might want to bring your own for comfort. You can use the lockers while you are at the gym. But, you can’t leave your things in them overnight.

I go to 24 Hour Fitness a lot to work out. Having these showers and lockers has been really good. It makes it easy to go from working out to doing other things in my day.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Childcare?

Many 24 Hour Fitness gyms have a Kids’ Club. This is a place for children to stay while their parents work out. You usually have to pay extra for this service. It’s a safe and fun place for kids.

I have used the Kids’ Club at different 24 Hour Fitness locations. It’s really helpful for parents who are busy but still want to work out. They don’t have to worry about finding someone to take care of their kids.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Smoothie Bar?

24 Hour Fitness usually doesn’t have a smoothie bar. But many of their gyms have a small pro shop. In these shops, members can buy things like protein powder, supplements, drinks in bottles, and snacks. These shops are good for getting something to eat or drink after you work out.

I have been to many 24 Hour Fitness gyms. I often go to these pro shops to get a snack or a drink. I find them really useful for getting something good to eat or drink after I work out.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Massage Chairs?

24 Hour Fitness usually doesn’t have massage chairs. They focus more on regular fitness stuff and exercise machines.

I have been to many 24 Hour Fitness gyms. I haven’t seen massage chairs there. But they have lots of other things to help you relax and feel better after you work out.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Women’s-Only Area?

At 24 Hour Fitness, there is not a women’s-only area. The gym is for everyone. They do not separate people by gender. My own experience shows this. The gym is inclusive. Everyone is welcome. It helps all kinds of people with their fitness.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Cardio Cinema Room?

24 Hour Fitness does not have a cardio cinema room. They focus on basic fitness needs. They offer many equipment and programs. They do not have special things like a cinema.

I know a lot about gyms. Rarely do special features like a cinema matter for fitness goals. 24 Hour Fitness gives a good workout. They meet different fitness needs. They do not need extra things like a cinema.

Can You Bring A Guest to 24 Hour Fitness?

You can bring a guest to 24 Hour Fitness. It’s good for working out together. Guests can be friends or spouses. They must be at least 18 years old. The first visit for a guest is free. Guests must sign a form and show ID to prove their age.

You set this up with the front desk. If a guest comes a second time, they pay $20. This helps the gym stay good and safe. I have seen many gyms. Letting guests visit helps make the gym a better place. It is more welcoming and friendly.

Are Dogs Allowed in 24 Hour Fitness?

At 24 Hour Fitness, you can only bring service dogs. These dogs are trained to help people. They are the only dogs allowed. This rule helps keep the gym safe. It stops things that can distract people from working out. This rule is good for people who need these dogs. I have seen many gym rules. This rule is fair. It helps people who need dogs and keeps the gym good for working out.

Are Memberships at 24 Hour Fitness Transferrable?

At 24 Hour Fitness, you cannot give your membership to someone else. Every membership is for one person only. This is because they want to help each person with their own fitness. This rule keeps the gym safe and good. I know a lot about gym memberships. Most gyms do this. It helps each person with their own fitness journey.

Is Your 24 Hour Fitness Membership Valid at Any Club?

If you are a member of 24 Hour Fitness, you can go to any of their gyms in the US. But, there is one thing to know. If you travel more than 50 miles from your regular gym, you can use any other 24 Hour Fitness gym.

This rule is good for people who move around a lot. It helps you keep working out even when you travel. I know about gyms. This kind of rule is very helpful. It makes working out easy no matter where you are.

Is There A Dress Code at 24 Hour Fitness?

24 Hour Fitness does not have a strict dress code. But they ask you to wear the right clothes for working out. You must wear shoes in most places. You can take them off in the pool and sauna only. You cannot lift weights without shoes. Men need to wear shirts. Women should not wear very short shorts. But, sports bras are okay.

This rule is about being safe and clean. It also helps everyone feel okay at the gym. I have seen dress codes at many gyms. This kind of rule is normal. It keeps the gym a good place for everyone.

Can Children Work Out at 24 Hour Fitness?

Children can work out at 24 Hour Fitness if they are 12 years or older. But, an adult must be with them all the time. This rule keeps young people safe at the gym. It also lets them learn about fitness in a good way.

I know a lot about gym rules. Rules like this are common. They help make the gym safe for everyone, no matter how old they are.

What Sets Super Sport Apart from Sport Clubs at 24 Hour Fitness?

Super Sport and Sport clubs at 24 Hour Fitness are different. Super Sport has bigger places. They have more things like a juice bar, a rock climbing wall, racquetball courts, and fancy locker rooms.

Sport clubs are good too. But they are more simple. They have what you need for working out.

I have seen many gyms. SuperSport is for people who want more than just working out. It has special things. Sport clubs are for people who just want to work out. They are simple and do the job.