Can You Bring Your Phone In A Sauna: Safe? (risks & Tips)

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When you think of a sauna, you might imagine a place of therapeutic warmth. A sauna is an escape from busy days. But, a pressing question is about your phone. Can you bring your phone into a traditional sauna or an infrared sauna? You are in the right place to find out.

Bringing your phone into a sauna is about convenience. We all want to stay connected and entertained. But, a sauna is a hot environment. It’s risky. Boiling temperatures and water mishaps can cause permanent damage to your phone. Plus, there’s talk about EMF and ELF radiation from your device.

Still, if you want your phone in the sauna, it’s not impossible. With simple precautions, using your phone in the sauna can be problem-free. This blog post will give tips to keep your phone in the sauna with minimal risks. We will answer if you can bring your phone into the sauna and help you weigh your options.

Can You Bring Your Phone to a Sauna?

Can You Bring Your Phone In A Sauna: Safe? (risks & Tips)
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Can you bring your phone anywhere? Yes, but yours is a real question: should you bring your phone to a sauna? Cell phones have become a dependency for people. Cell phone addiction is a problem, especially among teenagers who are addicted. This habit might end up negating the benefits of a sauna. Is it necessary? We recommend not taking your phone into the sauna. The ideal situation? Leave your phone out when you enter the sauna. Let’s examine the points for and against this topic in detail.

The Benefits of Taking Your Phone Into the Sauna

Can You Bring Your Phone In A Sauna: Safe? (risks & Tips)
Source of image: Istockphoto

Staying Connected

Habit to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances? Using your phone in the sauna lets you update them about your day. Sauna time becomes part of your day to talk with a loved one. Saunas are for recreational and healing purposes, and having a friend with you can improve the experience. Connecting online is great, but we recommend bringing a friend over just connecting online for a proper sauna experience.

Keeping Yourself Entertained

Getting quickly bored? Your phone in the sauna can keep you busy. You can listen to music, watch reels, scroll through social media, read an e-book, or even take pictures. We recommend you connect your phone to the sauna’s built-in Bluetooth system. This way, you can listen to health-related podcasts or tranquil music, keeping you entertained and helping you tolerate the heat for longer.

Getting Work Done

Saunas have a benefit of no distractions. You can check emails from home or office, and do small tasks on your phone in the sauna. Sounds like a perfect idea? The quiet atmosphere helps you concentrate before heading out for the rest of the day. It’s beneficial to manage your time in the sauna. Spend about 15 to 20 minutes per session. This short time spent worrying about work stops you from depriving yourself of the mental clarity you gain by sitting in the sauna uninterrupted.

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Checking Time

Using your phone in the sauna to check the time during sauna sessions is smart for time specific people. This includes those who include a small exercise or stretching routine at various intervals. Having your phone in the sauna is helpful. It’s a pragmatic approach when the sauna lacks a built-in clock, mechanical timer, or sand hourglass. This way, you stay on track without losing sense of time.

Reasons Not to Take Your Phone in the Sauna

High Temperature

Taking your phone to the sauna, like an infrared sauna or traditional sauna, is risky. Temperature range in saunas, 110F to much hotter in Traditional Sauna Temperatures, can be damaging to your phone. Whether for entertainment in wet or dry saunas, they get heated to temperatures between 150F and 195F. But phones are designed to work best between 32F and 95F. Going higher causes issues that can permanently damage your phone’s internals, like SD cards and SIM components. To replace a phone can be expensive. It’s a habit you might want to rethink.


Dry saunas and steam rooms have high humidity levels. Humidity in saunas can reach 100%, causing water damage to your phone. This might lead to high-cost repairs or buying a new phone.

Battery Issues

Heat exposure harms your phone’s battery. High temperatures make the battery drain faster, reducing the phone’s overall battery life. In extreme cases, heat exposure can damage the battery permanently, leading to battery failure.

EMF and ELF Exposure

Infrared saunas emit low EMF and ELF frequencies. These low energy radiations from electronic devices, like mobile phones, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, are harmful. Increasing frequencies can cause health problems with prolonged exposure to EMF and ELF, like disruptive sleep cycles, growth of cancer cells, stress, anxiety, fatigue, memory changes, numbness, tingling, tremors, dizziness, and depressive symptoms.

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Even water resistant and sweat resistant devices struggle in the sauna. The primary purpose of a sauna is to sweat, and with sweat dripping from your arms, water damage to your phone is likely. Using your phone in a sauna gets wet and sweaty, a struggle.


Scientists say a phone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. In a public sauna, the probability of your phone picking up germs increases. Think about this next time you bring your phone.

Invasion of Privacy

In a sauna, using a cell phone is against sauna etiquette. People enjoy the sauna in swimwear or no clothing, and photographic devices invade privacy. Whether it’s a home sauna or a public sauna, people should feel comfortable, not worrying about someone using their phone.

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Kills the Purpose

Saunas offer physical and mental health benefits. They help you relax, unwind, and be mindful. A session can provide improved circulation, muscle relaxation, stress relief, detoxification, enhanced skin health, improved respiratory function, better sleep, pain management, boosted immune system, weight loss, and calorie burn. Your undivided attention helps you immerse in the experience, but spending time distracted kills the purpose.

5 Ways an iPhone Can Improve Your Infrared Sauna Experience

1. Staying Connected

Your cell phone keeps you connected to the outside world for recreational purposes. Whether it’s contacting a friend in another state or a family member across the country, sauna bathing doesn’t mean you’re cut off. You can enhance your experience by connecting in-person or virtually.

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2. Entertainment

The benefit of having your phone in an infrared sauna is never getting bored. Stay entertained and occupied by listening to music, video streaming, or scrolling through social media feeds. Keeping occupied can prolong your heat tolerance and let you stay in the sauna longer. Clearlight Saunas offer Bluetooth and AUX connections with a high-quality, in-built speaker system for relaxation music, The Sauna Show, or conversations with health professionals about sauna and wellness technologies. Or browse a range of blogs on sauna-related topics for entertainment.

3. Work and Learning

The ability to work from your home life in the quiet atmosphere of a sauna, with a lack of distractions, allows you to get things done. If you’re interested in a topic or an article on the effects of infrared on the brain, just read away. But beware of the 20-minute mark to concentrate; it can be tricky.

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4. Time Management

Use your phone as a timer for your sauna session. Whether it’s for a routine, setting a time limit, or doing intervals of stretching, an article on this can be helpful to learn what you haven’t previously known.

5. Health and Fitness Tracking

Your iPhone is a useful tool for tracking progress and measuring results of your sauna sessions. With a wearable device like an Aurora Ring or Fitbit, track progress in real-time, monitor your heart rate and body temperature, get a better sense of how each session is working towards your goal, whether it’s weight loss or muscle recovery, and tailor your session accordingly.

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How to Keep Your Phone from Overheating in the Sauna

Taking your phone into the sauna comes with a risk. But, you can take precautions to minimize the likelihood of overheating. Keep your session brief to avoid exposing your phone to heat for a long time. Let your phone cool down after the session. Stay close to the entrance, where it’s cooler and more ventilated. Use a towel to protect your phone from heat and moisture, and remove moisture build-up. A waterproof and thermal-protective phone case can keep your phone safe. But remember, there’s no guarantee. These are precautionary tips. Take them with a grain of salt.

What to Do if My iPhone Exceeds Its Temperature Range?

If your iPhone starts to overheat, you should remove it immediately. Using your phone in the heat, whether it’s android phones or an iPhone, can damage the internal components and make it shut down. It’s best to take a break from using it and let it cool down to avoid harm to your device. If you’re concerned about overheating, leaving it at home is a safer option. You might miss out on the benefits of using your phone in the sauna, but Clearlight Saunas have you covered. They offer a coolbox in the Sanctuary Sauna with a glass door to protect your phone from increasing heat temperatures. The door handle serves a dual purpose as a smartphone and tablet holder, so you can watch something while your phone remains on the outside of the sauna. Simply connect the speakers via Bluetooth for insanely good audio quality, avoiding the risk factors of your phone getting too hot.

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How to Take a Phone Correctly in an Infrared Sauna?

When taking your phone into a sauna, make sure it’s protected from the heat. A phone case that can withstand high temperatures is essential. If you’re using a Clearlight Sauna, they offer heat-proof options for your device. Ensure your phone is fully charged before entering because high temperatures can quickly drain the battery. Luckily, some saunas, like the Clearlight, come with a coolbox that acts as a charging station. Always keep an eye on your phone when in the sauna. If it starts to get too hot, remove it immediately to prevent damage.

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Do Thermal Phone Cases Protect Phones from Saunas?

Thermal phone cases can protect your phone from heat but not much from humidity and germs.

Can I wear AirPods in the Sauna?

No, AirPods should not be used in high-temperature settings like a sauna. It can permanently damage their battery life. They work best in temperatures between 32F and 95F.

Can an iPhone Survive a Dry Sauna?

No, dry saunas operate between 150F and 195F, which is above the iPhone’s ideal working temperature range of 32F to 95F.

Can I Bring My Phone In A Steam Room?

Steam rooms have high humidity and elevated temperatures which are not ideal for electronic devices like phones. The moisture and heat can cause irreversible damage, like corrosion and circuit board wetting. Even phones with water-resistant ratings are susceptible to harm.

Can You Bring Headphones Into A Sauna?

Headphones, as electronic devices, are negatively impacted by sauna conditions. The heat and humidity can lead to reduced functionality and permanent damage.

Can You Bring Apple Watch In A Sauna?

Apple Watches are designed to withstand most activities, but they’re not compatible with the extreme conditions of a sauna. The heat and humidity can harm the watch’s internal components, affecting its performance.


Bringing your phone into a sauna can damage both your health and the device. It’s a personal decision, but we don’t recommend using cell phones in this space. Saunas are for you to unload, relax, and enjoy a calming experience. The benefits of being in a public sauna or having a home sauna session are many. It’s about etiquette, too. If you want to learn more about traditional, one-person saunas, or indoor saunas, My Sauna World can help. Feel free to contact their team for more information.

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