Exploring The Possibility: Can We Wear Apple Watches In Saunas?

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Apple watch in sauna

Apple Watch Ultra and saunas. People ask, can you wear this watch in a sauna? I have an Apple Watch Series 9 and the new Apple Watch Ultra 2. Both are water-resistant. Good for swimming and diving. But, what about saunas and steam rooms?

I read previous threads about this. Also, I love saunas. Here’s the thing: these watches handle water well. But saunas? They have high heat and humidity. This is different. It’s not just water. It’s hot air and lots of steam.

These smartwatches are getting better. Apple Watch Ultra has a new processor and brighter screen. WatchOS 10 brought many software improvements. All these make the watch a great choice. But, in a sauna? That’s a tough place for any watch.

Standard models of Apple Watches are okay in water. But, high temperatures and humidity in a sauna are a different story. It can be risky for the watch. So, for safety and to keep your watch working well, maybe leave it out of the sauna.

As an Apple Watch owner who enjoys saunas, I think about this. Is it safe? Will it damage the watch? These watches are great. But in a sauna, better to be careful. This is my advice as someone who knows and loves both these things.

Is it ok to wear an Apple watch in a sauna?

Exploring The Possibility: Can We Wear Apple Watches In Saunas?Can you wear an Apple Watch in a sauna? Let’s look at Apple Watch models like Series 9 and Ultra 2. These watches have water-resistant technology. But a sauna is not just about water. It’s about intense heat and steam.

I have an Apple Watch. I love saunas too. So, I understand this question well. These watches are great. They work well in water. But a sauna? That’s different. It’s hot. It’s steamy. That’s not the same as just being waterproof.

The Ultra 2 and Series 9 are strong watches. They can handle a lot. But saunas have extreme conditions. We’re talking high heat and lots of steam. This is tough for any smartwatch. Even the best ones like the Apple Watch.

So, what should you do? If you love your watch, maybe don’t wear it in the sauna. It’s made to be water-resistant, not sauna-proof. Saunas have intense heat. This can be hard on your watch. Better to enjoy your sauna without it. This way, your watch stays safe. And you get an uninterrupted sauna experience.

Apple watch in different sauna types

Exploring The Possibility: Can We Wear Apple Watches In Saunas?

Apple watch in traditional Finnish saunas

Talking about Apple Watch and saunas, let’s focus on traditional Finnish saunas first. They get really hot, like up to 280ºF or 138ºC. That’s hot! So, removing your Apple Watch here is essential. It’s not made for that kind of heat.

I have an Apple Watch. I tried different saunas. In a Finnish sauna, it’s all about high heat. Your watch might not like that. Better to take it off. Keep it safe. Enjoy the sauna without your watch.

Wearing Apple watch in infrared saunas

Now, let’s talk about infrared saunas. These are getting popular in places like Europe. Here, wearing your Apple Watch can be more acceptable. Why? Because infrared saunas work differently. They use warm air. They are about emitting direct heat. This helps with sweat evaporation. It helps cooling your body.

In these saunas, the heat is not as intense as in a Finnish sauna. So, your Apple Watch might be okay here. I wear mine in an infrared sauna sometimes. It seems fine. But always check how your watch is doing. Better safe than sorry.

Can i wear my Apple watch in extreme heat?

Apple Watch’s limitations in extreme heat

Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker. But it has limitations in extreme heat. It’s designed for temperatures between 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 0° to 35° Celsius. That’s its comfort zone. Beyond that, it might not handle the heat well.

I use my Apple Watch for everything. It’s great for swimming. It’s waterproof. You can go submerging in water with it. But Apple says something important. They recommend not wearing it in temperatures exceeding 122 degrees Fahrenheit or 50° Celsius. That’s because of overheating. This can cause potential damage to things like the battery.

Protecting Apple Watch in exceptionally hot environments

Think about exceptionally hot environments. Like a desert or a scorching beach. In places like these, removing your Apple Watch and placing it somewhere safe is a good idea. You want to protect it from heat-related issues.

I love my watch. But in super hot places, I take it off. I keep it safe. This way, it lasts longer. And I avoid problems with heat. Remember, it’s great for many things. But in extreme heat, better to be safe. Keep your watch cool and protected.

What temperature is too hot for an Apple watch?

Apple Watch’s temperature sensitivity

Apple Watch is sensitive to temperature. You should avoid exposing it to high temperatures. This includes direct sunlight. Why? Because it can damage the screen. It’s crucial to shield it from too much heat.

Let’s talk about wearing your Apple Watch in saunas, steam rooms, and other hot environments. These places can potentially harm your device. The battery and other parts don’t like too much heat.

Designed temperature range for Apple watch

Apple Watch is designed to operate in temperatures between 32° to 95° degrees Fahrenheit or 0° to 35° Celsius. Think about outdoor activities on a hot day. You should be mindful of the sun exposure. This helps prevent components from getting too hot.

What if the temperature limit is exceeded? Your watch will show a warning message on the Watch face. It’s telling you it’s too hot to use. Then, you should remove it from your wrist. Let it cool down in a well-ventilated place before reattaching it.

Remember, your Apple Watch loves being with you. But in too much heat, it’s better to take it off and keep it cool.

What happens if i forget to water lock my apple watch?

Apple watch’s water lock feature

The Apple Watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters. You can submerge it without worry. But there are consequences if you don’t use the water lock feature. This feature helps prevent water from entering parts like the charger port or headphone jack.

If you forget to activate the water lock, there might be issues. Battery life can be affected. Continuous operation might impact your device. Especially in water.

Overheating risk without water lock

There’s also an overheating risk in high-temperature conditions. If your watch can’t handle the heat, it might overheat. This can be potentially damaging.

How to activate the water lock? Easy. Just press and hold the Side button for about 10 seconds. You’ll see a large, red exclamation point on the screen. This means it’s locked and safe.

Remember, your Apple Watch is tough. But it needs a little help to stay safe in water. Don’t forget to use the water lock feature. It’s easy and keeps your watch protected.

How does apple watch eject water?

Apple watch’s water ejection process

Apple Watch can eject water all by itself. How? It’s simple. Just by pressing the side button. This initiates the water ejection process. It’s cool because it uses pressure. And it does this without any external source.

When you’re done swimming or after a shower, just press that side button on your watch. This starts the water ejection. The watch makes a sound and pushes out the water. It’s like magic, but it’s really just smart design.

Using apple watch with iphone or macbook pro

You can also use your Apple Watch with your iPhone or MacBook Pro. They get connected over Bluetooth. This doesn’t help with water ejection, but it’s good to know. Your watch works well with other Apple products.

So, next time you get your watch wet, just press the side button. Watch the water come out. It’s a neat feature to keep your watch safe and dry. Remember, your Apple Watch is smart and can handle a bit of water. Just help it out by ejecting the water after.

Why saunas are potentially dangerous for apple watches

The big problem with high temperature and saunas

A big problem with a sauna is the high temperature in the room. Apple Watch models have water resistance as one of their selling points. But this is not permanent. It’s achieved by sealing the internal components of the watch with glue.

When you expose your watch to high temperatures and high humidity, like in a sauna, it can damage this seal. This might let water seep in and damage the components. Even if you’ve worn your watch in a sauna and noticed no problems, it’s not safe to assume it’ll always be okay. Water seals can wear down over time, especially with frequent changes in temperature.

Surviving a sauna: is it worth the risk?

Sure, your Apple Watch might have survived a sauna visit before. But will it survive every time? It’s best to be safe. Remember, high temperatures and saunas are tough on your watch. It’s not just about one time. It’s about keeping your watch safe for a long time.

The Apple Watch Ultra is more resistant

General worries about saunas and Apple watches

There are general worries about using saunas with most models of Apple Watches. But, the Apple Watch Ultra stands out in the family. It’s designed to be more durable. This gives some peace of mind. Apple says it can be worn in a sauna if the temperature stays below 130° F or 55° C.

I have an Apple Watch Ultra. I take care of it. In many saunas, it’s okay. The key is the temperature. If it’s not too hot, the watch can handle it. But, always think about where you are going.

When to keep the watch out of the sauna

In situations where you’re going into temperatures above 130° F or 55° C, it’s best to keep your watch out. Apple advises against wearing any model in a steam room for the same reason.

So, if you’re hitting a really hot sauna or a steam room, leave your Apple Watch Ultra behind. It’s tough, but it’s not made for extreme heat. Better to be safe and enjoy your sauna without worrying about your watch.

Best Apple watch band for swimming or sweating

Choosing water-resistant bands for active use

Not all Apple Watch bands are water-resistant. Bands like Leather Loop, Milanese, Link Bracelet, Modern Buckles, and Classic Buckle should be avoided for swimming. Be cautious with third-party sellers claiming their bands are waterproof; they’re likely not.

For activities in water or during intense workouts, the Nylon Sport Loop is a top choice. It’s comfortable, durable, and great for everyday wear. As a swimmer and fitness enthusiast, I find it perfect. But remember, you shouldn’t take these models into a sauna. The heat can be a problem even for the Ultra 2.

Latest watches and their limitations in saunas

The Ultra 2 might be pricey, but it has its limits. It can survive in water, but saunas under 130° F are a different story. Series 9 with the new Apple S9 processor and a brighter screen of 2000 nits is also water resistant up to 50 meters and is suitable for most activities.

For those looking for extra durability, consider checking out cases for an extra layer of protection. They make a tough watch even tougher. If you’re after a bigger display, 3000 nits, and a durable design, these latest models from Amazon, Best Buy, or directly from Apple might be for you. Just remember, even these can’t handle the heat of saunas above 130° F.

Key benefits of the Apple Watch nylon sport loop

Superior comfort and adjustability

The Nylon Sport Loop for the Apple Watch is known for its superior comfort and adjustability. It’s soft, breathable, and lightweight. The easy-to-use hook-and-loop fastener lets you quickly adjust the band to fit your wrist or ankle perfectly. This ensures maximum comfort during any activity.

Eco-friendly and sustainable design

This band is made with 82% recycled yarns. The materials are sourced from discarded fishing nets. It’s a commitment to environmental responsibility. The band is nearly carbon-neutral with 45% recycled content. Even its weight is eco-friendly. The manufacturing process is powered by clean energy.

Durability for active lifestyles

For those with active lifestyles, the Nylon Sport Loop is ideal. Its double-layer nylon weave has dense loops on the skin side. This offers soft cushioning. It lets moisture escape, making it impervious to water damage and tears. Perfect for swimming, heavy sweating, or workouts.

Easy maintenance

It’s easy to clean and dries quickly. This is convenient for the busy and active. It doesn’t absorb sweat, so after those intense workouts or hot days, your wrist stays comfortable and dry. Learn more about sauna maintenance In 2024: Simple And Easy Steps

How to Clean a Sauna: A 2024 Guide for Optimal Maintenance

The bottom line: apple watch in the sauna

Not worth the risk

It’s not worth it to take your watch into the sauna. The water resistance of the Apple Watch can decrease and eventually fail. Why push along something where the watch costs so much?

Understanding The Cost Of Running A Sauna In Today’s World

Simpler alternatives for sauna sessions

For Apple Watch users, it’s just about tracking time. A simple, analog watch can do that during a sauna session. So, keep your Apple Watch aside. Listen to your body, not your watch. When you leave the room, you won’t need to worry about your watch.

Relaxation without distractions

Saunas are for relaxation and peace. A continuously beeping or buzzing active gadget can ruin that. There are good reasons to leave your Apple Watch behind. It’s better for you and your watch.


Is it ok to wear a watch in the sauna?

It is not recommended to wear watches inside a sauna or steam room. The high heat and humidity can damage the components and affect the accuracy. Materials like leather straps and adhesives are negatively impacted by extreme conditions.

Can you take an apple phone in a sauna?

The combination of moisture and heat can lead to irreversible damage, like corrosion or circuit board wetting. Even phones with water-resistant ratings are susceptible to harm. The verdict: leave your phone outside the steam room or sauna for a better experience.

Can i wear airpods in a sauna?

Don’t wear AirPods in a sauna or steam room. They should not expose to high-velocity water like in water skiing. Avoid dropping them or subjecting them to impacts.

Is it ok to sweat with an apple watch?

Sweating during exercise with an Apple Watch is generally fine. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, choose a sweat-absorbent band to avoid irritation.

What is water lock?

Water Lock is a helpful feature on the Apple Watch for keeping water out of sensitive areas like the charging port and speaker during water-related activities.

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