Add a Sauna to Your Apartment (Easy Guide!)

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Introduction of Apartment Sauna

Bringing sauna into apartment or condo smart for many reasons. Saunas not just for relaxing, good for health too. Might surprise you, but more people buying saunas for homes. Why? They like privacy and cleanliness of own sauna. No distractions or interruptions from others in public sessions.

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People busy. They want to come home to relax and add luxury to daily life. Having sauna at home, big or small, getting more common. Bathers like having this feature at home. Easy to see why. Own sauna means enjoy benefits without leaving home. You know it’s clean, don’t have to share, and can use anytime.

What Are the Major Issues with Putting a Sauna in Your Apartment?

Two main issues make apartment-dwellers think twice before they decide to put a sauna in their living space. First, there are rental agreements. Many tenants can’t build or install anything permanent in their house. This rule often includes saunas. The second big problem is humidity. Wet saunas can cause lasting damage to interiors. Think about electrical and fire hazards, too. Most apartments are built with the bare minimum to stand up to these risks. People live in the heart of the city, paying exorbitant rent. Their rental agreement allows little room for such luxuries.

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However, for those with the means, this issue is relatively easier to sort in a home they own, like a condo. For condo dwellers, designing a sauna that can seat one or two people can be accommodated in small spaces. There are many designs and configurations that offer a variety for different spaces and needs.

Installing a Sauna in Your Apartment

Getting the go-ahead from your rental agreement to put a sauna in your apartment makes the whole process smooth and straightforward. Once your apartment complex agrees, creating space for your new sauna is smooth sailing from thereon. But, keep things in mind. Just because it’s said you can, doesn’t mean it’s easy. You have to plan carefully to make sure everything fits right and works well in your living space.

Traditional vs Infrared Sauna

Add a Sauna to Your Apartment (Easy Guide!)

When you first think about adding a sauna to your apartment, consider whether you want a traditional or an infrared sauna. Traditional saunas use dry air heated by a stove, and the heat is transferred to your body, requiring high temperatures between 150 and 190℉. They use a lot of electricity. On the other hand, infrared saunas use waves emitted by panels or lamps that require lower temperatures, usually 110 to 135℉, making them more power and energy-efficient. For apartment dwellers, an infrared sauna is hands down the better option. They are more compact, assembly is friendly, and they are portable. Designed to seat one or two people, they are ideally sized for apartments, conveniently sized, and can be easily installed. Their standard wattage is slightly above a microwave, around 1.6 kilowatts, making them a smart choice for those looking to invest in their wellness at home.

Benefits of Having an Infrared Sauna in Your Apartment

Infrared saunas take away the worry about water seepage or leaks in your apartment. Unlike traditional saunas, there’s no need to deal with potential damage from water to your unit or vents. They preheat in around 10 minutes, nearly twice as fast as traditional ones. You can plug them into standard electrical outlets and use them anywhere in your house. Even in the smallest spaces, these saunas fit well. They weigh between 220-250 pounds in their final assembled forms, making them lightweight, easy to move, and handle.

The Legality of Installing a Sauna in a Rented Home

Rental regulations differ from state to state in the United States, making it difficult to say generically if saunas are legally allowed in rented homes. The best thing to do when determining the legality is to check with your property manager or landlord before you sign on the dotted line. Many properties are okay with portable saunas that can be plugged into standard electrical outlets, as these don’t usually conflict with law. However, if installing a sauna in your home leads to any kind of sauna-related damage, you might be liable.

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Make sauna yourself or use kit or buy ready-made sauna.

Building your own sauna from scratch is a DIY project. Not usually suggested for condos or apartments, if lease says no. Needs much time, work, cash. Buying kit or ready-made easier. These are designed to be easy to assemble, with modular sections that make assembly a breeze. Prefabricated saunas are portable, getting you up and running in 30 minutes and just as quick to disassemble. They compact and light, easy to move. If you have energy and want to try, good idea. Sauna kits have all materials needed, but hard to give advice without knowing your case.

Space Considerations for Saunas in Apartments

As mentioned earlier, home saunas come in a range of designs and configurations. No matter the kind of available space you have, you’re bound to find a fit. Before you buy, decide where you want to put your sauna. Accurately measure the area. A one/two-people infrared sauna might measure 41 inches in height, 33 inches in depth, and 31.5 inches in width, respectively. This size is easy to fit in most apartments. Additionally, since they can fit through standard doors sized 36 by 80 inches, bringing a portable sauna through the door isn’t an issue. Once you have the necessary measurements and spacing for placing your sauna figured out, the rest is straightforward.

How to add sauna in your apartment or condo.

If you’ve always wanted a home sauna but couldn’t because you live in an apartment or condo, it’s time to think again. You don’t need to enjoy a sauna only at the gym or think it’s only for those with a rich mansion. Today, 2-person infrared saunas with self-contained designs are made to fit in smaller spaces like apartments and condos. They are perfect because they don’t require drains or vents, nor do they use water. Instead, they plug into a regular household outlet and can even sit on carpet. These saunas heat up in just ten minutes and don’t leak heat into the rest of the room.

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Imagine enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating sauna just steps away from your sofa or bed. This is possible in your very own condo or apartment. The convenience of having a sauna at home means you can enjoy its benefits anytime you want, without the hassle of traveling or dealing with public saunas. These compact, efficient saunas bring the luxury and health benefits of a sauna into the heart of your living space, making it easier than ever to live well and relax fully in your own home.

Advantages of Adding a 2-Person Infrared Sauna to Your Apartment

Adding 2-person infrared sauna to apartment good. Saunas great for relaxing. One plus is it fits in living space. It uses normal outlet, no need to change wiring. This sauna works with 110-volt household outlet.

It fits in almost any room or closet, making the 2-person infrared sauna about four feet across and 39 1/2″ deep. It’s ideal for one person or two if you know each other well. Easy to install, it takes an average of 20 minutes to set up. Relatively lightweight, it weighs 220 pounds when fully assembled. Portable and self-contained, its construction means you can unplug and take it with you when you move. It doesn’t require special permission like a simple appliance, sits on the floor like a clothing wardrobe, and plugs into the wall like a tv set. Without water or steam, it draws about 25 cents of electricity per session.

About Our Far Infrared Saunas

Our 2-person infrared sauna popular, ideal for apartment or condo. Measures four feet, fits in corner of bedroom or living space. Heats quick, uses less electricity than old saunas, better for environment and electric bill low. You sweat comfortably without heat hurting lungs, nose, eyes, or drying out. Feels like warm hug, not hot volcano, so less likely to feel faint or hard to breathe while sitting in it.

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The health benefits include stress reduction, relaxation, and raising your core body temperature. You can stay inside longer without feeling overheated, enjoying the benefits more fully.

Tips to Build Your Own Apartment Sauna

To build a sauna in your apartment, choose the right location and determine the size and capacity. Think about the materials you’ll need and how much they will cost. Important elements to consider include flooring, panels, insulation, and features like heaters. Find types of heaters that satisfy your needs. A small deck or an extra closet could be the perfect spot for putting your sauna, using space efficiently and saving room at the same time. Getting a professional opinion is helpful to see if your plans are feasible.

Building a sauna is harder than it might seem. To complete your sauna, you have to translate your vision into reality. Be warned, this translation could cost a neat $3,000-10,000. But if you have the money and time to spare, it can be a rewarding experience.

The Bottom Line

Simply put, saunas are great for your house and sweeten the deal by offering relaxing time just steps away. You can use it whenever you want and don’t have to share it with anyone. However, remember that owning a home sauna is one more thing to regularly clean and maintain. It must be cared for and cleaned thoroughly to prevent it from becoming an unhygienic germ hotbed. You might end up spending as much as a membership at a gym with facilities, but at the end of the day, having a sauna in your apartment is both convenient and enjoyable.

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Can you put a sauna in an apartment?

Yes, you can put an indoor sauna in an apartment. It can fit in a space by placing it in a corner, a small part of the apartment, or in an entire room dedicated to its use. Choosing a sauna allows a range of options, so everyone in every apartment can enjoy one.

Can you put a sauna on an apartment balcony?

You can build a sauna in various spaces like a bathroom, small corridor, pantry, or shower cabin. It can be installed in a bath area and is especially suitable for an infrared sauna on a balcony.

What do you wear to an apartment sauna?

Appropriate Sauna Attire includes avoiding wearing tight or restrictive clothes that limit movement and cause discomfort. Loose-fitting clothing, like shorts and a t-shirt, are good options. It’s important to remove jewelry and accessories before entering to avoid hot burns.

What are the disadvantages of a sauna room?

CONS of having a sauna include the space it might take up in your home. It’s not always used by children, pregnant women, or people sensitive to high temperatures, which can make some uncomfortable.

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